Saturday, January 28

*Look who's Thir-tay*

A very happy birthday to the man of our house -
the big 3-0!
I think one word sums up a lot of this past year - dad.
It consumes most of our life right now!
And let me say what a good dad he is.
His kids adore him and he is never one to avoid potty-training, diaper changes, changing the trash, cleaning and a hundred other things.
This year we added a child, moved, changed churches, his job changed locations..............
it was quite a year!
Here are some of my fave snapshots of the past year of him:
welcome babygirl.
Graham's first bowling experience. He randomly did the worm, no idea where that came from!
 I love our family walks, we do a lot of them!
 This was one of A's favorite moments, because G never falls asleep on us anymore.
He was having a very sick day. :(

these 2 photos: onewaystreetproduction 
 Through my Momtourage connections, we got to enjoy a lot of fun experiences this year.
This one was date night: Cirque du Soleil
 running his first 5k
in Minneapolis, which will always be a special city for us.
(We got engaged & married there.) 

Baseball has become a big part of our life this year, thanks to a little boy's slight obsession.
We both love going to the games with G! 
They love doing the Home Depot workshops together each month 
 Riding the Gateway Clipper paddle ship
vacay in OBX, North Carolina
also a place we love! 
4th of July, where Graham decided to become slightly terrorized by fireworks....which still continues! 
My sister was taking these and the idea was to get both kids in the background, but they kept moving out of the shot!  
 We are so thankful for now having a backyard and spent a lot of time there.
We can't wait for the warmer temps to come back!
Apparently they also spend a lot of time jumping. :) 
Boys weekend!
 This girl lights up when daddy comes home each day!
more baseball!
Happy 30th birthday, dear hubs.
Thanks for working so hard for us, for making our family time special and for all the help you give me.
Thanks for serving others continually, sometimes you rarely get to stop.
I am excited about what this next year holds for us.
(let's try to make it a little more uneventful.)  =)


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cranny + b said...

happy 30th birthday, old man!
we love you and kelly and just wish we lived closer to you guys!

I'm sure Kelly has spoiled you rotten--enjoy your day!