Thursday, January 26

while mom's away, the kids play!

Eden & I had a great trip to see my family. E did awesome on the airplanes, praise God.
After one flight, someone in front of us stood up & said, I didn't even know there was a baby on this flight!
That is what I like to hear!
I have found with a small child that my favorite spot to sit is in the very last row, on the aisle. It's loudest back there, you bother the least amount of people, and you can easily stand in the galley & rock them if needed.
Thankfully, when people see a baby they avoid sitting by you at.all.costs. :)
So we had an empty middle seat for all 4 of our flights! I will say it's exhausting though! Keeping little one entertained when her attention span is appr. 30 seconds makes for a lot of juggling. And unfotunately, she was not interested in sleeping! My arms were so sore after holding her for about 4 hours straight!
But all in all, I couldn't be more thankful for smooth travel.
In the airport in Minne
It was fun to spend the weekend with just my girl! 
I am so thankful to Andrew for allowing me to go!
 It was his first weekend by himself with Graham, and he was a great superdad!
Also, very thankful that his job allows him to work from home when needed, so we only needed to impose on our neighbor for one morning of childcare.
We had a great snow, so they were thrilled to spend some sled time!
Andrew's makeshift firepit (also doubles as a grill). :)  
 Sledding with his friend Avalon!
 Fun Fore All is a fun family center with tons to do.
This is a 4-story sets of tunnels & mazes with big guns that shoot nerf balls.
Basically a boy's dream. :) 
 Must be nap time. :)
 Popcorn & movie night
"mall park" as we call them
hanging out at IKEA, what? you went there without me?! 
And Andrew admitted....he snapped this picture because G DID wear this sweatshirt for 3 straight days. :)
So all in all, they had a FUN boys weekend!
Graham did have a couple of nights where he was having a hard time with missing me.
I talked to him on the phone one day and he asked me when I was going to come back to earth.
Apparently he had this vision that we were circling in an airplane all weekend.
He asked Andrew if they should bring rope to the airport to help us get down from the plane.
I can see how that would make sense in his little head. :)
And the moment of being reunited......................
oh my.
it was seriously a chariots of fire moment.
How we wished we had it on video.
He spotted me a ways down in the airport. He had a bouquet of flowers in one hand and was running as fast as he could, weaving in & out of people, shouting mom, mom, with the hugest smile on his face. He leaped into my arms & gave me the hugest bear hug ever.
That child knows how to be a welcome committee!
 Probably will be one of my sweetest memories.
I've never had so many hugs & I love you's the rest of the night!
So it's very good to be home.

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cranny + b said...

okay--that picture of you and Eden is so sweet! and, I absolutely loved the story of Graham welcoming you home--so, so special! so glad you had a great time!