Saturday, June 16

Celebrating x2

So Sunday is a crazy day for us.... which is why we're celebrating Father's Day on Saturday!
Andrew is juggling a lot right now, but he always makes time for daddy duty. He gladly steps in whenever I need him to and takes over bedtime when I need to be somewhere in an evening.
His kiddos adore him there is no doubt. Both kids squeal when he walks through the door at night. Who doesn't love a welcome committee like that?!

 Happy Father's Day to one of the best dads I know!
I am also very thankful for Papa Hughes who taught by example.
And I'm glad I get to be with my dad in person, this Father's Day week.
Happy day to all the dads in our life!
Now that we've had Mother's Day & Father's Day, Graham keeps asking when are we going to have Boy Day. Apparently he would like to be celebrated as well. =)
ALSO on Sunday...................
Happy 7th anniversary to us!
Let's see, 10 hours in the car with 2 littles.....this might not feel like a celebration. :)
BUT my hubby is all over it and booked a little overnight get-a-way for us when we come back.
SO excited as it will be our first trip sans kiddos in over a year and a half. Can't wait!!
Thankful to you, Andrew, for always leading & pointing me to Christ.
I am one blessed girl!

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Anonymous said...

Happy late anniversary!