Thursday, June 7

How do we calm down?

I'm sharing this from Girltalk....any thoughts?

Not that long ago my mother kept in touch with friends and family via a telephone tethered to the wall in the kitchen. She bought the longest cord available so that maybe, if she worked it right, she could reach the coffee table in the living room. But basically, if she wanted to connect, it had to be in the kitchen.
To find the best stroller, she had to ask each of her friends for a personal recommendation, look up the stroller in a borrowed copy of Consumer Reports, and drive around to local stores to find the best price. And if Mom wanted to go somewhere for the first time she had to call for directions, write them out by hand on a piece of paper, and then hope she wouldn't get lost and need to stop at a gas station or pay phone.
It's only been twenty-five years, but compared to my mom, I have the equivalent of a full-time personal assistant. I can connect with friends anytime, anywhere. I can research, purchase, and schedule delivery for the latest stroller in five minutes without getting up from the couch. I never have to ask for directions. My smart phone redirects me when I'm lost, instantly provides me with reviews, tips, and solutions; and if I wanted it to, it could even babysit my children.
It still doesn't clean the toilets. But in truth, there's something comforting about that.
So why is my generation of women more busy, overwhelmed, and anxious? We should have vast amounts of time on our hands in order to rest, read Scripture, ponder and pray. And yet our lives seem increasingly hectic compared to the world in which we were raised.



Braintree said...

I think it is due to the fact that the very resources that enable us to connect enable us to compare. Powerful tools which can be used to educate and encourage are also being misused when we thrust ourselves into the "I-need-to-make-my-life-look-as-good on-Facebook-as-hers" syndrome. We compete and strive because we are not satisfied in Christ alone.

Rob H said...

So true, Kerry. And ultimately, we are not driven by the gospel. If I am too busy, maybe I am looking to be fulfilled by all the things I do, people I hang out with, stuff my kids need to do...whatever. If I am overwhelmed, I am resting in me instead of Jesus and His plan - His enabling by His Spirit through me being His child. If I am anxious, I am not trusting that if he loved me enough to die for me, He can take care of the rest. He will freely give me all things. Maybe we just need to reevaluate the areas of our lives that make us feel stressed, and learn to filter through the gospel instead of others around us.

cranny + b said...

I've been thinking about this post and the thought that keeps coming back to me is this: our society has devalued personal, face-to-face relationships and has over valued appearance. Couple those thoughts together and we find ourselves connected in every way imaginable but so impersonally. It makes for a really, really busy life trying to keep all of those "appearances" up.

I feel like I so often talk my self into yet another social media because, after all, "it's such a great way to keep up with everyone". I'm slowly talking myself back out of that way of thinking and beginning to pick up my phone, sit down and write a letter, or call and ask for a coffee date. I'm not saying that this is the answer or that social media is a baaaaaad thing-- I just know that for myself, I've needed to step away-- and I'm talking mostly about facebook here. I had to do it in a really drastic way--Steve had to change my password and now he logs me in once or twice a week. Yeah, that's how bad my self-control is!

I'd love to hear your thoughts too on the article.

kellyH said...

thank you gals for your great thoughts! I am working on a follow-up post...but looks like it might be a bit before I get it posted. Stay tuned! :)