Tuesday, June 5

the train ride

Ever since I have been planning playdates for the Pgh Momtourage, the Kiski Junction train ride has been suggested. It's a real working railroad that once a week hooks up passenger cars for a ride through the country. Only problem is that the ride is at 2pm...which is prime naptime for most! I tend to very, very, VERY rarely blow off afternoon naptime! But it had been suggested enough that we decided to go for it. It's also an hour's drive away - but actually kind of a good thing since both kiddos napped in the car on the way there. I was also very excited that Andrew was able to take the afternoon off and join us (along with several other dads). It's a really great family activity!

 The countryside was beautiful and we had some very excited little boys!

We rode in the open car. It was actually very cool outside, but thankfully stayed dry.  
 One of the kiddos had a birthday which meant TREATS. oh yes.
girl buddies.
They were enthralled, no doubt about it.

 Our plan had been to stop somewhere and have a picnic on the way home. But being chilly + on & off raindrops nixed that plan. But Graham was just about as excited for the picnic as he was for the train ride so we ended up with PB&J on the kitchen floor. =)
All in all, a great day!

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The Lesters said...

What great pictures! Sad we had to miss it.