Thursday, June 14

a whole lotta shtuff

Adventures: past & coming.....
Sunday is the big day. We jump in the Pathfinder and head on mega road trip, aka 17 hours, to Minneapolis. We will be leaving after church on Sunday, heading to Illinois and staying with friends and arrive on Monday.
We are so excited to celebrate the wedding of baby brother + sweet Phuong!
 A small difference a few years will make....................
(everyone commented on how much Eden looks like Katie!)
We are excited to spend the week with my grandma, parents, & sister. Plus fit in some visits with other siblings, nieces, nephews, meet my cousin's brand new twin baby girls, hopefully see a few friends and all my extended fam at the wedding. It will be a full week no doubt!
G & E are both part of the wedding party and I am currently stocking up on fruit snacks, suckers and anything else that we can use to bribe convince them to walk down an aisle
full of people
that they don't know 
staring at them.
I believe our chances are 50/50 at this point. :)
(it will definitely help that older cousins will also be walking and give them some security!)
Wedding day will be a full day with the Vietnamese ceremony at 9am, American ceremony at noon and catered reception dinner downtown Mpls. at 5:30. Many prayers that the kiddos can sneak in a loooong afternoon nap. :)
The next day we leave bright & early for a straight 17 hour jaunt.
Yes, prayer. Did I mention we need prayers?!
Graham & I recently participated in a special walk for Autism Speaks. It was a neat experience and amazing to be around so many families who carry the huge responsibility of caring for a child with a disability every day.
They are un-sung heroes in my book.
All the local mascots were out so Graham was a happy camper!
It was held at Heinz Field so G insisted on wearing his Big Ben jersey. He was pretty excited to be in the Steeler field (might be the only chance he gets!)
We finally made it out for the first time this summer to our favorite spray park.
Eden wasn't so sure about it.
Graham could have stayed there for hours longer!
Not easy to get them together in one photo of late!
I feel like the last couple of weeks Eden has turned a definite corner. Less fussiness out of boredom and more being able to play on her own.
Their new favorite thing is to play tea party (we won't tell G when he's older).
Celebration over an activity they are enjoying together!!
I am currently reading Loving the Little Years by Rachel Jankovic.
It's a quick and easy read, but really been an encouragement as well.
How quickly these days will pass!
As Eden walks by chewing on something.
that she pulled from the garbage.
how can I not scoop her up for the crazy little character she is!


cranny + b said...

I will be praying for you, friend. Having just done the whole wedding thing with two little ones, I know how difficult, yet wonderful, a time like that can be. I will be praying for naps :)

I can't believe how big Eden is getting-- she looks so old standing there at the water park! Jobie started full blown crawling a few weeks ago and he is now pulling up on things. I seriously think he will be walking by 9 months-- so different from Graemie-- who walked at 14months!

Have so much fun with your family! I'll look forward to pictures!

kellyH said...

thanks my friend - much appreciated! I know, she's heading so quickly toward that little girl toddler stage - I don't know if I'm ready!! It's true, #2 kids are on the move! double the fun. double the trouble. =)