Monday, February 9

Graham's 1st weekend

It's hard to believe Graham will be one week tomorrow! Boy, has life changed!
Every day is a learning process. It is a wonderful, frustrating, thrilling, pull-your-hair-out-please-stop-crying, beautiful learning process. I love it. Graham is so snuggly and those moments of holding him close make all others become a blur.
here's some pics from the weekend:
Our friend Alison brought us a delicious dinner - thank you so much!!
She got a few snuggle moments with Graham as well.
This was how he was sleeping on her!
I love how he is always propping himself up. no, he's not screaming :), but a biiggg yawn! ok, mom, enough with the papparazzi!
After Graham would NOT go back to sleep at 5 am, I finally brought him to our bed where he immediately settled right in. I know you're not supposed to do this, but desperate times call for desperate measures sometimes...this was how Andrew found us - both sleeping in the same position. on Sunday he slept like this on me for about 2 hours. These are the BEST moments where I could snuggle him forever! he seems to be sleeping in all these pics... :)
we don't see his baby blues a whole lot yet!

we did make it out to our first church service yesterday.
Graham beautifully slept through it all!My mom made this little green beret.
He's sporting the french baby look.


Michael, Nina, Emma & Elliot said...

Glad that you are adjusting well! He is such a cute baby and does seems to be a cuddlebug. That's so cute you two were sleeping in the same position. I love that stage when they sleep on your chest- so precious! Hope you are getting your rest as much as you can and that you recover quickly :)

Tim, Kristen & Megan said...

Such cute I understand about bringing baby into bed when desiring results...we did it too. It is so amazing how they fall asleep so quickly when they are in bed with you! Those snuggling times are so precious.

Anneke said...

H's so sweet! It was good to see you yesterday! I love the pics of you and Graham sleeping together and him all squished up on your chest. Makes me miss those snuggle days. :) And I've done the bring-him-into-bed-thing A LOT with Eli's ear infections - it's like a miracle worker sometimes. :)

Luther's Stein said...

You guys are just such an adorable little family! So glad he is here with you and you are enjoying all of the snuggly moments. I definitely understand brining them into your bed at 5 am. Sometimes you'll do about anything for a few more hours of sleep! Hang in there, it gets better :)

party of eight said...

graham is absolutely adorable. i love his little green outfit. he looks so much older than a week old! wow, kelly, i am so glad you are loving being a mom. God gave you a beautiful baby.

The photo of him with the boppy reminds me... amos sleeps snuggling a boppy every night... i can imagine him taking it to college with him not having a clue what it is.