Wednesday, February 25

It's been noticed by a couple of people that I have seriously neglected posting...! That's what happens when you have a screaming infant in the background (as I do right now!) I have been busy trying to get him on a schedule and sleep training. My days consist of one feeding to the next, diaper changes, and wearing a lot of spit up. Who knew a little guy could be so much work?! It's also one of the most wonderful experiences I've ever had!
The past couple of days have been (dare I say it?) a little easier and I pray that it will only continue to go more smoothly. here we are attempting to get a family pic...
Graham wasn't that excited about it!

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jeileenbaylor said...

hang in there- it gets easier every week that goes by! (although not perfect, as you will see I am posting this at 4 am :) -- I am hoping it will continue to get better for us each week as well :)