Monday, February 16

valentine's day with my boys

This parenting thing is certainly tricky business! I am trying my best to get my little guy on a schedule and he is determined to follow his own schedule!
We weren't sure how to plan for V-day, but we decided to stay at home rather than risk a melt-down in public.
We did get to go out to lunch with our friends/landlords, the Joyce's, who were in town and Graham slept through like an angel. oh, how thankful I am for those angelic moments. He actually has done better so far in public than he does at home!
hanging out with our little man
So we made a nice dinner at home.
Steak, baked potatoes, & corn
looks nice enough... HOWEVER, what you don't see in the pictures is our background noise.
ahhhhhhh! yes, he did decide to scream through our entire meal. at this point we could only laugh. (because we are sleep-deprived & delirious :)
but we're still enjoying the moments. and hey, it can ONLY get better, right?!!

I do believe that's a smile!!

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suzanne said...

Gavin was like that. He was a rough baby. It will get better . . . and better and better. I hope you get some sleep tonight!