Wednesday, October 12

hello 8.

We have cruised into 8 months. And cruising she is! Slowly....she creeps around a little bit. She is terribly entertained right now by pulling herself up to something, sitting down, and doing it again. Ah, the simple things. :)
 She is loving feeding herself! Her first official self-fed meal was pumpkin pancakes. I managed to capture meal #2 which was bread, cheese, tomatoes, and pears. All of which she fed herself.
Oh that is nice. :)
Bottom tooth #1 has finally poked through. Tooth #2 is not far behind and I think her top 2 teeth are making their way down as well. Ugh. After a 5-6 week hiatus, she finally went back to her 11-12 hour nights. T.h.a.n.k.f.u.l.
 She is a mover & a shaker. One determined little girl who gets around everywhere!
She army crawls on her belly, but not much slows her down. :)
 Graham likes to "help".
 A sweet & unexpected box of Missoni items showed up on our door!
 She has a matching cardigan to this skirt and a super cute blanket. Thank you, aunt Phuong!
 Might be my favorite $6.50 find ever. :)
 I am so thankful I am still able to exclusively nurse her. I never really thought I would be the person who nurses exclusively for a full year, but it's just kind of turned into that. It works out differently for everyone and sometimes you can, sometimes you can't. She just went down to 4 feedings a day, so I am hoping that doesn't cause any problems. It's been so much easier & better the 2nd time around. There are occasionally times where it would have been handy if she would take a bottle, but overall, it hasn't been a problem at all.
Our happy girl!
 Balloons are a favorite toy. Don't worry, she is not left unattended with them. :)
 She also loves balls!
Hmmmm....seems someone else in our house is into them as well.
 Only 4 months till she turns one! Times flies so quickly.
Thankful for our sweet, easy-going baby girl.


Katie Barker said...

What a darling little girl!

kim said...

she is so so cute!