Monday, October 10

the whirlwind week

This past week sure flew by! The kids are in total re-coup mode today. Thankful Andrew has a 3-day weekend (thank you Columbus!) We had a very slow morning and it sure was nice. :)
 I try to keep activities to a minimal each week, so we're not running around like crazy, but last week snuck through the cracks. We sure enjoyed it though!
Tuesday night we headed to our first family volleyball game to watch Kristin play. {They lost, bummer!} but we had fun. It's crazy to watch a game that I was so involved with through playing and/or coaching for about 10 years of my life and now I've barely touched a ball in the past 5 years. Maybe someday again. :)
On Thursday, I did a swap with my neighbor. I left Eden with her and took her toddler who is one of G's best buddies! (She is 39 weeks pregnant, so she said she preferred staying home with the quiet baby!)
I had to return something at the mall, so I took the 2 kiddos with me and they had lots of fun!
This about sums it up.
and this. =)
On Friday, my friend had some extra zoo passes and generously offered them to us. We love the zoo and the weather was gorgeous!
Graham seems to have a thing for the ladies. =)

My friend, Jolanta, is from Lithuania and always has fun & interesting things to talk about, I love that! Thanks Jolanta, we had a great time!
Not a bad pic for a 3-yr. old. :)
On Friday night, Andrew decided to set up our tent. Since we're not doing much camping in this stage of our life. =) Graham loved it and we had an impromptu dinner.
Again, enjoying such a week of beautiful weather. We know the COLD is coming! :-/
Saturday night we enjoyed dinner at Red Robin, courtesy of a gift card. I love getting restaurant gift cards! This one came through Andrew's work. Good job, babe!
We don't attempt dinner out with kiddos much, not super relaxing in my book. :) But both kids did great and of course, Red Robin is a very kid-friendly place!
Sunday evening we enjoyed a fun church picnic! We thoroughly enjoyed meeting many new faces. Graham loved the giant bonfire and getting to roast his first marshmallow. Sadly, no pics.
That was the whirlwind..........I think this week we're going to stay a little closer to home, though we do have a very fun Momtourage event planned (hayride, pumpkin patch, corn maze, etc...).
Eden also turns 8 months today and her first tooth just poked through this morning!
Happy Columbus Day!


Jessica Gardner said...

2 things :)
1. I too am amazed it's been like 4 yrs since I've touched a soccer ball. how weird that the things that meant so much to us has changed in the past years
2. those jeans you had on at the zoo - dumb question but are those skinny jeans rolled up, or did you buy them like that? I've been looking for a pair but can't seem to find any. :)

kellyH said...

hey Jess, yes, they are skinny jeans rolled up since it was so warm. :) They are from Target ~ hope that helps!