Thursday, October 6


Something seems wrong with this picture.................

and this one......................
I am thankful that G seems to be doing much better in loving on his sister. He loves to make her laugh and she gets huge belly laughs over watching him. They are quickly becoming partners in crime. =) Not that he still doesn't have his moments. He now wants to pick her up which is not a good idea since he thinks dropping her is an acceptable option when he's "done". This is going to be one tough girl. =) She has already learned to look at me and grunt with what I swear is "Mom, get this crazy guy off of me!" But for the most part, though his affection is slightly does seem to be out of love.
This is what we like to see. :)
Her face partly says "what is he doing to me now?"
Yesterday, after his naptime, he was playing "quietly" in his room.
His definition of quiet, not mine. :)
They don't share a room, but they do share a vent so the noise carries easily. So she was woken up just over an hour into her nap. Boo. I was going to let her fuss and she if she would go back to sleep...then I hear another voice over the monitor.........."it's ok baby". Oh no! Run upstairs and he is sitting IN her crib patting her back to comfort her.
 I mean, how sweet is that.................however, naptime was officially over. =)
I do hope he will continue to be loving & nurturing to her.
Nothing like have a protective older brother.  


cranny + b said...

oh man-- I have a feeling I am going to be in for a few surprises such as these;-) too funny! hey--thanks for the info on the diapers--what I was hoping for;-) and, yeah, I loved our little "hello" on our apt. door--when I ordered Graeme's "jackelope" for him, TastySuite had thrown in a hello for free and I was hooked. I was so sad to peel it off and not be able to reuse it here at the new home, so definitely needed a new one! I ordered a mustard this time since our door is grey. . . I think it will be fun!

juliechall said...

So cute! I think I am just at the beginning of seeing the "helpful" side of the big sibling. Fun times.