Monday, October 24


I was just looking through pics from our camera and found some nuggets to share............
 football man.
Seriously, you don't even know how much time I spend running "completions".
Yesterday I had a baby on my hip dribbling a soccer ball around the house as G chased me, laughing hysterically.
Yep, who would have thought all the years I spent playing sports was actually training to keep up with my little boy. :) 
 We were eating dinner and noticed this cutie chilling in our backyard!
 Also greatly enjoying our backyard view as the leaves begin to change!

all in a day. 

 Super excited that we got free tickets to go to the Ringling Bros. circus next week!
 He loves all sports, but baseball seems to be his most beloved of the moment. It's the only equipment that he carefully puts on the table where "Eden can't reach them". :)
I also call him the red man because if he has his choice on what to wear, he will choose as many red items as he can find!
 We got hit with some heavy colds this weekend which meant some extra snuggles!
 It also meant the dreaded NOSESUCKING!!!
 It's hard having 2 new teeth because sometimes you forget and chomp your own finger. :-/
2 bottom cuties.

Convo with G today:
Mom, I have a question.
I'm having a hard time.
Hard time with what?
Eating my lunch.
Because the silly monster is laughing at me.
{And then he cracked up laughing.}

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oh my word! Eden is soooooo cute!