Monday, January 3


Our little man is 23 months today. I can't believe in one month he'll be two!! Definitely working on some party plans and ideas!
I just recently posted some of his latest and for today, well, here's how his morning went.....
  • woke up at 7:30, oatmeal and a clementine for breakfast.
  • watched Potty Power while mommy took a shower. (yes, if tv will potty-train him, I'm all for it) :) Thanks to my friend and neighbor, Christi, for passing that on to me! We still have a long ways to go, but I've realized now that it's a marathon, not a sprint and so I have much more peace of mind when looking at it that way!
  • played with new toys while listening to new cd, Songs that Jesus Said, by the Gettys. We love it!
  • Built forts with mommy using all the couch cushions. My poor furniture will never be the same, and it's his new favorite thing!
  • had a few meltdowns resulting in 2 timeouts. Possibly still recovering from staying up way too late on New Year's Eve. :-)
  • lunch - peanut butter toast and applesauce.
  • nap - badly needed. :)
As for mommy.......
Well, I've hit 33 weeks! This is the first time that I am starting to feel like it's getting close. 7 weeks (or less!) just doesn't seem so far away. Though when I think about being preggo for 7 more weeks then it feels like forever. :) I have definitely hit that "ugh" stage. feeling very large, bulky and uncomfortable!
Last week someone told me, "wow, you're 8 months? You're tiny". And then someone else told me (on the same day), "wow, you've really gotten big in the last few weeks". I won't tell you which statement was made by my dear husband. :-) but someone MAY be sleeping in the doghouse - if we had one.
It is very uncomfortable to bend over and pick up little toys all the time. So it's not getting done as much as it probably should be! Though it is helpful to force me to teach Graham to consistently pick up his toys. It's definitely easier to do it myself, but there is no doubt that he is fully capable of doing his portion as well. So that's a good thing! I also keep reminding Andrew that the last 2 months of pregnancy and the first 3 months of newbornland does not mean that life has changed forever! There will be a time when he gets his more efficient, energetic, and helpful wife back. :)
Much to my sister's chagrin, I have not hardly taken any pregnancy pics, so this one will have to do!
Wow, this girl kicks! Her movements have seriously been painful at times and while I remember Graham moving a lot, I don't remember them hurting. Oh boy, an active little girl soccer player on the way?!
I am most surprised about my lack of swelling. With Graham, I couldn't wear my engagement ring after about the 5/6 months mark! My rings still fit with no problem. Though I do wonder if that is partially because I lived in a much warmer climate then. But I am thankful anyways!
I also don't remember any real braxton hicks contractions with G, but have definitely started to feel a few uncomfortable pinches in the last week or so. Hopefully that's a good thing!
My dr. is not going to allow me to go past 40 weeks due to Graham's large size. So that is comforting to know, that at the MOST I will only go 40 weeks. I know the waiting game at the end if the worst. So, crossing my fingers to go early of course!!
At Christmas, my SIL gave me a lot of clothes for Eden for 0-9 months. Such a blessing! Now I am getting excited to see some girly stuff! Of course, I can't pass up picking out a few items for her myself! Got this little dress set with a gift card and the jean jacket was $6 at Macy's and then I got back a $10 coupon from their weekend promotion. How cute are they? :)

So here's hoping for the next 7 weeks to go by quickly. :)


Kristin Blumer said...

Hey Kelly, I love those shirts and jean jacket! ;-)
Eden will look so adorable in them :)

O'Neil Family said...

Yay!!! We love couch cushion forts! And we are soooo excited for Eden to come! Thanks for the update.

juliechall said...

Double yay...for Graeme's upcoming birthday and for Eden's soon arrival..enjoy all the girlie stuff. It's so much fun!