Monday, January 31

birthday bowl

We decided not to do any major parties this year due to the uncertainty of a little girl's entrance. But Graham & Andrew's birthdays are just 5 days apart, so it's still fun to have a special celebration for both of them. We decided to go bowling with some friends. Since G loves all things balls, we thought it would be a hit. And it was! He immediately picked his ball (and yes, he seriously carried around an 8 lb. ball by himself. he's a brute!) and went and waited for further instructions!

As much as I would love this baby to come, I knew flinging a 10 lb. ball down a lane was probably not the best way to make that happen. :) So G & I got our own special bumper lane and I pretty much just helped him roll it down the lane. It was fun, he loved it! He loved seeing the pins get knocked down, or if it went in the gutter at the end, he'd say, "aww, missed!"

Lots o' fun for the birthday boys!


Joel said...

Fun Times! Looks like they both had lots of fun. You guys are gonna be like us with bdays all concentrated around the same time. :)

Seth & Bethany Heijermans said...

What I fun birthday bash. I always forget how fun bowling is!

Seth & Bethany Heijermans said...

Oh and I can't wait to meet Baby Eden via your blog and hopefully in person too! I bet you want to meet her soon too. : ) Love~Bethany