Tuesday, January 4

New Years Goals

My list is quite simple this year:
  • only spend 7 weeks of 2011 pregnant (that means March - Dec. is out) :-)
  • have baby
  • recover from having baby
  • figure out our new normal as a family of 4
  • love to pieces my hubby & babies for the rest of 2011
I SHOULD be able to complete that list, right?


jeileenbaylor said...

You definitely should and you are so smart for realizing you just want to focus on that ;) It's a big transition for everyone. As wonderful as it is, it still takes time for everyone to get into a groove :) Enjoy it!

JordanandSue said...

I'm cracking up at this! Yes, you've got some big goals on that list! :)

kellyH said...

I figured I better not set the bar too high. :-)