Wednesday, January 12

six ago

6 years ago today, the journey of A + K became officially official!
(the pic says March because that's when our engagement pics were taken.)
I have a lot of friends from college who remember us dating briefly, then breaking up and then a couple of years later were quite surprised to find us married. :-) So here's the story......
Andrew & I met at our college in Wisconsin around 2000. We both had different groups of friends, but we did have several classes together over several years. Apparently I caught his eye. :) I had no idea and he kept it tight-lipped except for a few close friends. Well, my senior year (his junior) my church group needed a good guy leader and he was suggested and I was sent to ask him to join us. As I was asking him, apparently he was trying to keep from wetting his pants. :) Long story short, we began spending every Sunday together with the rest of our group, including a 4 hour drive in a very small car. We got to know each other quite well! We started dating in January. But it only lasted for about 3 months. So I graduated and moved to Minneapolis and started teaching, Andrew returned to school for his final year. year later..............
Despite living in separate states, one year later, our paths crossed! It ended up being the beginning of the beginning. We spent that summer writing letters (me in MN, him in NC). Yes, real letters. Through the mail. By the end of the summer we had progressed to talking on the phone (I know, not too crazy are we?!) It worked out for him to come to MN to visit for a week before he was heading out for a 4 month PR traveling job. Well, by the end of that week we knew it was the real deal and were ready to truly commit. Sadly, he did leave on the road for 4 months, a very long 4 months with unpredictable schedules for him and bad cell service!
January 11th, he left NC on a 24 hour road trip to MN!
Arriving January 12th to a......SICK me. So any fancy plans were cancelled as we hung out in my apartment. But he gave me a journal that he had been writing in every day while we were apart. On the very last page was a very special entry. It said............ will you marry me? And I said........... yes!
5 months later we were married and our journey together has been exciting and sometimes unexpected.

Happy 6th Engagement Anniversary Babe! 


juliechall said...

I very distinctly remember many of these details and also being so happy to see things work out in the end! Rob and I were just talking about how time has flown since first getting together. These are sweet memories.

kellyH said...

One correction, babe. I didn't actually have any classes with you until the end of college. I simply stalked you from the stands at volleyball games. :)


the johnson crew said...

i am so happy you two are together! so perfect! what a great story. i enjoyed reading it kelly. congratulations on 6 years since your engagement. :) it reminded me that we were engaged 6 years ago on december 17 (or maybe it was the 19th - yikes, i need to get my date strait.) Bless you!