Saturday, January 29

2+9 and still so fine

Happy 29th birthday to my dear sweet hubby!
Things I am thankful for in him this year:
  • renewed commitment to getting back to consistent dates AND following through!
  • being such a great daddy to Gman. Every morning G wakes up and asks for "a dad" (as he calls him!) When I tell him he's at work, he immediately says "come home". Yep, every day. He gets so excited on weekends when daddy is home all day!
  • taking care of our home and family in the little, mundane things - taking out the trash, keeping our budget & savings on track, shoveling, taking care of car stuff, changing lightbulbs....all things I refuse to do. :-) But he's SO good at them, I wouldn't want to get in his way.  
  • loves Graham so much, so I can't wait to see how a little girl wraps him around her little finger!
    Hope your day is extra special, please give me a little grace this year as I'm not feeling up to much party planning these days. Maybe our little girl will decide to share your birthday. In which case, you'll be extra neglected, but I will make make it up to you next year. Except that would be Eden's 1st maybe the next year......?? :-)
  • You're always #1 in my heart, babe, don't forget it.

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