Thursday, February 3

TWO. How do we describe you?!

From this...........
to this..........!!!!!
What sweet, sweet joy you have brought to our lives.
Fun at the Science Center...........
 LOVING the huge model trains exhibit
Isn't this how every potty break should be?
Your dog by your side and reading your favorite book? :)
He reads everything he can get his hands on.
This was a Birthday Express mag that came in the mail and for days he read it constantly, just because it has all sorts of fun characters throughout it!
  • His current favorite bedtime reads are Go, Dog, Go (dr. suess), the potty book (it has a button that flushes!) and baby on the way. I'm just glad he loves this book! I think he really understands that a baby is coming, but the timing thing is probably a little confusing. Like, when is this baby going to make an appearance, anyways?!
  • wow. the child finally speaks! took a while for a regular vocab to come through (and probably only I still understand half of what he's saying!), but it's so fun to hear him talk. I just realized the other day that he no longer just babbles sounds, everything he says is real words (or his interpretation anyway!). His sentences are funny though. Like - Again. Church. Go.
  • Speaking of church, he moved into the 2's/3's class and ever since he has started just loving going to church and especially his friends. He can't wait to show Andrew & I his coloring picture when we pick him up, it's so fun! He talks about his friends all the time and usually prays for them before bedtime at night as well!
  • He loves his letters as well. When he was 18 months he started watching the Leap Frog DVD - The Letter Factory and immediately picked up all the letter sounds. I love that it teaches him the sounds the letters make and not just the name of the letters.  It has been on my to-do list ever since to post a video of him saying all of them....but alas, obviously never happened. But a lot of people ask me how he learned them and I can't take too much credit. Definitely recommend that video! He loves seeing letters, saying letters.....but counting & colors.....those are a different story! Not so quick on the pick-up there. :) Go, Dog, Go has been a really great book for helping with colors though!
  • He just continues to love balls and sports even more all the time! He loves to watch the Steeler games and yell football! He says "awwww" when they tackle or "missed" when the ball drops. He also loves to shoot basketballs. We have a couple of nearby playplaces with about 4 ft. hoops and he can actually shoot and make (a light) ball. He loves it!
  • Funnies - He was standing about a foot from Andrew and fired a ball at him, which then bounced off Andrew's head. Graham yells "you missed!" Nothing like being mocked by your toddler. :-)
  • Andrew wrote out g-r-a-h-a-m and said "what's that spell?" Graham yelled "Bible!" I guess that's the only time we usually ask that question, haha!
  • I am amazed at what sticks in his brain. Andrew had gotten some pepsi for his birthday and the next day in the car we were driving and saw a Pepsi truck. Graham said "daddy's juice". How does he remember that logo after seeing it for a day?!
  • He likes to tell everyone Hi & Bye in stores. 'Cept he says bye like 8 times and it gets a little awkward! 
  • Whenever he hears a baby/child crying he tells me they need to go ni-night. I guess he's heard that a time or two. :) 
  • He just loves the snow and loves to help daddy shovel!  
This is such a fun stage! We are loving it and he is cracking us up all the time. It's hilarious now that he deliberately tries to do funny things to make us laugh.  

We love you more than you'll ever know.
We know you're going to be such a great big brother.
We thank God for entrusting you to our care.
Happy 2nd birthday, Graham Owen!


juliechall said...

Happy Birthday Graham! What a fun update. I love these toddler days too. I can't wait to see him with Eden :)

JordanandSue said...

Aww- happy birthday, Graham!! I love that he remembered Daddy's juice :) SO FUN! I know February will be a HUGE month for you guys for many years to come. Enjoy!!

Melody said...

I hope he had a great birthday! Such a big boy now. I love seeing the pics of him jumping off the furniture - it gives me a good idea of what I have to look forward to!