Thursday, February 17


our little girl is one week old!
One week ago, Andrew & I were still having the conversation, "how can we love another child as much as we love Graham?" We just didn't know how that worked. But then, sweet little Eden was born and now we know. We love her in all her sweetness. And good thing she's cute or else she couldn't get away with keeping us up for all hours of the night. :-)
The first week has been....well, the first week. whew. Around Sunday night we realized she might have her days and nights backwards from ours.
  • Sunday night was a rough night.
  • Monday night was bad.
  • Tuesday she slept from noon-10pm. We tried everything we could to get her awake and besides 2 feedings, that girl was NOT going to wake up. I knew we were in for it!
  • Tuesday night she was up from 11:30pm-4am. Yes, what newborn stays up for 4+ hours??? We rocked and swung and swaddled and snuggled and tried every trick we could think of. Finally at 4 am she slept for a few hours. whew, this momma was at her wits' end! So thankful my mom is here! She has been amazing with caring for G, especially getting him taken care of in the mornings, she also is keeping the house cleaned and the dishes done, which is so great!
  • Wednesday we had slightly more success with some awake time during the day....but I wasn't getting my hopes up! My mom reminded me that Graham would only sleep well in his car seat at the beginning, ahhhhh, one trick we hadn't tried. So she went in her carseat about midnight and slept till 3 am, then ate and slept until 8:30 am!!!!!!!!!! Oh blessedness. After a 5 hour sleeping stretch, I feel human again! Today, she ate breakfast, had some awake time, went down beautifully swaddled in her crib. Then had lunch and repeated the same process. Oh I can only hope she realizes the beauty of this routine and decides to stick with it!
Andrew keeps reminding me, she's only a week old, and yes, I am keeping that in mind. But when you're sleep-deprived, days past post-partum, recovering from delivery and adjusting to being a human beverage machine, your brain doesn't always function normally. :)
2 crazy faces!
Graham is doing great with her! It definitely helps having Grandma here for him! Our biggest issue with him this week is that he's been so hyper (can you tell by the pic?!) as he adjusts to everything. But he LOVES to hold Eden and throw away her diapers and help however he can. He wants to share with her (like his water bottle!) and set a teething toy in her bouncy chair for her to play with.
This hat kills me!
oh we love to see her eyes.
Especially at noon and not at midnight!
we love you sweet girl.
and we'll still keep you even if you don't sleep at night. But if you decide to get on the same schedule as the rest of the world, that would be great too. wink*wink.


Michael, Nina, Emma, Elliot & Ethan said...

getting five hours straight at one week is a lot to be thankful for!

cranny + b said...

oh, Kelly,
I am tired for you! But I know you are doing great! Enjoy all of those funnies that you and Andrew say to eachother in the sleep deprived moments, hehe! ;-) So glad that your mom is there for mister G ( and you! )

Melody said...

Those cheeks are too delicious! I love seeing all the cute girly clothes too! It's so *funny* how you forget how tiring it is to have such a teeny baby ... so many new adjustments. I'm so glad your mom is there to help! Hope you get some rest!

Jason said...

she is so adorable. graham is so sweet. praying for you. praying you have good rest tonight kelly. :) so happy for you! what sweet children God has blessed you with!

the johnson crew said...

sorry, i just realized i am signed in as my husband.


Katie Barker said...

That picture of their crazy faces is so funny! Hang in there.

JordanandSue said...

Oh, my- how I remember those nights like yesterday. Words cannot describe how terrible it is to watch the sun come up and having no rest under your belt!! I hope Eden gets her days and nights straight soon. Keeping praying & laughing- it does wonders for your spirit and your sanity:)