Saturday, February 12

well hello, Miss E

Happy to say that Eden Hope arrived on Thursday, February 10th at 6:02 pm!
It was kind of a strange and surreal labor & delivery, but all in a good way! SO much easier than G's for sure! I'll share more on that later.
She arrived at 8lbs. 8 oz, 20 inches.
Apparently we make big babies. :-)
Andrew & I don't think she looks much like us, but she definitely looks like Graham, so she must be ours!
She barely fits her little hats, we also have big-headed babies, haha!
 Graham seems to be doing well with her so far!

 G has been having lots of fun! We are so indebted to our friends Becky, Thresa, and Christi for caring for Graham over the past 2 days! He's been having a great time! He got to hang out with his (much older!) buddies, Noah & Marshall, and eat hoagies. And then yesterday he had a great time with his friend, Jack, and got to eat pizza! Though he does seem very happy that mommy is back home now, even if the baby came too. :)

 G meets her for the first time, about 2 hours after she was born.
Exciting days ahead as we adjust to a family of 4.
So glad you're here, little one!


JordanandSue said...

She is beautiful and looks just like Graham to me! What a sweetie pie :) Kiss those cheeks lots (I know you probably are...) and kiss her for me, too :)

Kristin said...

Congratulations! Love her name.

cranny + b said...

congratulations! We are so, so, so very happy for you four! Miss E is incredibly beautiful--and looks so much like G to me!

wish we could be there to hold her!
love you guys!

Katie said...

yeah! such a cutie! and geez, that pic with Graham was 2 hours after delivery? you look amazing!
so happy for you!

the johnson crew said...

so happy your beautiful little girl is safely here.