Wednesday, February 9

the orphans

We currently know 2 families who in the midst of adoptions, so exciting! And we have other friends who will be actively pursuing this in the future. And some who have already taken this journey. We are praying to start pursuing this venture in probably another 1-2 years. It is exciting and terrifying at the same time! We are currently looking at pursuing a domestic adoption of siblings....but only God knows how it will how pan out. All I know is that even now when I think my child(ren) is out there somewhere waiting to come home, I can become completely overwhelmed. It's hard to be patient when you read the stories, hear the needs, and see the faces. But we know that we must rest in God's timing for our family.
I recently finished reading Adopted for Life: The Priority of Adoption for Christian Families and Churches, by Russell Moore. This book is currently available in a free download for the month of February! Check it out here.

This is such a great book. Even if adoption is not in God's journey for you, I think everyone should read it to turn our hearts towards the orphans & fatherless. Everyone can do something. It would also be very helpful in helping encourage those who are or will be on this path.

Adoption is not just about couples who want children - or who want more children. Adoption is about an entire culture that sees adoption as part of our Great Commission mandate and as a sign of the gospel itself.

I love this shirt.
 It was designed by a family who is using the profits to help fund their adoption of 2 children from Uganda.
So go order yours here!

Our hearts are with the little ones waiting to come home.

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the johnson crew said...

so... this post made me cry... i think the music on your blog helped. i am very excited... i will be cheering you on and praying for you guys!