Saturday, February 26

weekend roundup

Well, the weekend is not really over yet, but it's been plenty eventful so far.
Friday afternoon I had just finished feeding Eden (thank goodness for God's grace in that small act being completed!) and was heading out the door to pick up Andrew. Graham comes running into the living room, trips, BAM, eye meets ottoman. Instant blood, screaming, chaos.....!
I knew by looking at the cut that it would probably need a couple of stitches as it was a pretty good gash.
So, change of plans! Another grace in that my mom was still here! So she took Eden & went to pick up Andrew and Graham & I headed out to Med Express. Love those clinics as they took us right in without a wait. So then we had to endure the being strapped to the body board, horrendous screams, and a VERY unpleasant experience, for him AND for mom & dad. :-/ All for 3 stitches!!
 notice how sweaty his hair is!
 what a face!
overall, he was a trooper and when it was over, he was fine. He was just happy that he got a pack of fruit snacks when it was done. :)
Saturday morning, my church threw a baby shower for us. Thankful to all those who attended and for many kind gifts given to us!
group project - All the ladies made a card for her up through her 16th birthday. How fun it will be each year to open up a card from someone who attended her baby shower!

Most little ones don't get to attend their baby shower! She pretty much slept thru the whole thing, which was nice for momma. :)

Thankful my mom was able to be here!

The star of the show!

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juliechall said...

So sorry for the little guy - that is no fun! I hope this is the only time stitches are required :)