Friday, February 4

the big day

Graham helped me make his cake the day before. He loves to stir!
We won this sweet little birthday crown through a facebook friend.
He loved wearing his birthday hat! 
 We did a "lego cake". Thought it would be super easy, turned into more work than it looked, but Andrew & I did it together and it was fun! Graham loved it at least!
 they kinda look like legos, right? :)
 It's funny, last year was his first piece of cake and he had a cupcake and enjoyed shoving it into his mouth. This year he ate with a fork and barely got messy. Big difference!
This was morning after his birthday....notice he found his hat again! One of his gifts from us was a chalk/white board that had magnetic letters as well. He is loving coloring and his letters as always.  
 The next day he got to try another little(!) piece of cake, this one had blue frosting and was lots of fun. :)

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the johnson crew said...

i think the lego cake turned out really cute. adorable pictures, adorable kid. i still can't believe i have never met him. - you are such a good mamma!