Thursday, February 24

burrito babies

There is nothing more snuggly than a swaddled newborn.
baby E is 2 weeks old today!
Things are going well, I really can't complain. Nights are getting much better and she will usually go at least 4 hours at a stretch and has been going right back to bed. Yesterday we were out all morning and then Andrew & I were out at some friends' house (with her) until 11:30pm. Totally my fault for really messing up her day! Hopefully she'll forgive me and settle back into our routine. I had the nasty mastitus bug hit me this weekend. Ugh. So glad my mom was here! I had gotten it with Graham as well. But I am feeling much better and besides that little setback, am feeling pretty great (besides wishing for a little more sleep!)
Her birth story is halfway written out, I'll get it posted one of these days. :)
Newbornland is never easy, but I must say, everything is so much easier/calmer/less stressful this time around. How thankful I am for that.
And yes, I've recently started having those middle of the night episodes again where I start yelling at Andrew to help me find the baby! Last night I was even holding my arm craddled like I was feeding her and I could have sworn that I was! Thankfully this time around, Andrew is more prepared and doesn't panic and realizes that I have probably not lost our child. Aghhhhh, good ole' sleep-deprivation. :)


Amy said...

So, I totally still have those panics where I wake up and think that I dropped the baby in the bed in between us and I'm pushing James and searching under the pillows/blankets...then it hits me that I was dreaming. And Grace has slept through the night for like 8-9 weeks now.

Jessica Gardner said...

Oh no! that's so bad about mastitis. I hate that so bad!!! I'm glad your mom was still there though. I'm also glad thingsare much easier this time. I thought that too! :)