Wednesday, December 7

birthday fun

I had a very nice birthday - thanks to everyone for the comments, calls, cards, was all very sweet!
Graham gets almost as excited for birthdays as he does for Christmas.
Ok, I guess he just gets very excited about anything!
He & Andrew went out on a "secret mission" and he loved it! Of course he was mostly excited that he got popcorn from Target because he thinks that the only reason for going to Target. It was definitely in question on whether he'd be able to keep their activities a secret all day with me. :)
When they got home he said,
Mom, guess what we got you?
Awesome. How did you know that was tops on my birthday wishes??
All day long Graham was asking when we were going to have birthday cake. (the highlight of birthdays, of course.) But I was pretty sure there wasn't going to be a birthday cake...........surprise when Andrew pulled this little guy out. (and thankful that now Graham would sleep that night.)
I'm not usually a fan of store-bought cakes, but I have to say this carrot cake from Giant Eagle was right tasty! 
My parents got me several cozy things when they were here on their visit and later, Muk Luks - sweater boots for your feet!
Can you say comfort + warmth + I love them. =)
my boys picked out this cutie. :)

Several other great gifts from friends & family as well!
The Gettys were actually here in concert on my birthday night and we had hoped to go to their concert, but alas..........the babysitter thing just didn't work out. :-/
However, we were able to get a babysitter for the next night and Andrew & I hit up 2 great downtown restaurants! They had both emailed me a $25 gift card for my birthday, so we got by for basically just the cost of the tip + a little more. I'm not about being cheap for special occasions....but if you can get $50 in free food, I say take it. =)

We first went to Seviche.
Seviche cuisine is an eclectic
blend of traditional Latin
American recipes and modern
ingredients infused with
international influences.
This was a happening place at 8pm on Friday night! The food here was a.m.a.z.i.n.g! One of those rare places where you will go back for the taste!
We started with this salad......
Field greens and Romaine with calabaza,
roasted corn, tomato, Queso Blanco and pickled
ginger tossed with chipotle lime vinaigrette

and then tried these......
PULLED PORK CUBAN (on a cuban roll)
Pickled red cabbage, sliced Chorizo salami,
Jarlsberg Swiss, local wildflower honey mustard

BISTEC Quesadillas
Your choice of seared filet mignon or grilled
prawns with caramelized onions and Jarlsberg
cheese on Lavosh crisps
both served with amazingly seasoned frys!
All of it was muy delicioso!! :)

The we popped over to The Sonoma Grille (conveniently right across the street!). We had been there last year when they invited me to do a taste-testing for Momtourage. We were thinking we might get an appetizer here as well, but we were so full from Seviche, that we pretty much just went with dessert. We got the sampler dessert which included Caramel Apple Cheesecake ,  Pumpkin Pecan Tart,  Plum Deep Dish Pie,  & Housemade  Sorbet.
All Yum!

A great ending to my birthday celebration!

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