Thursday, December 15

meet my hubby's newest addiction (and if you're considering moving, it might be yours too)

Not that we're moving.............I don't think......................but when there are houses in our neighborhood priced at $50k or less, it is mighty tempting. =)

Anyways, if you're thinking about buying, selling, or renting,
anytime in your life,
 you must check out
Simply type in the zip code of the location you're considering and it will bring up a map of every home in the area. It will then tell you which ones are for sale, for rent, or what the owners would sell for under "make me move". It tells you exactly what each house is priced at, what your mortgage would be, all the details of the house, and most include pics as well.  
It's a pretty amazing tool to see all the houses in one zip code with the click of a mouse.
If you were moving across the country, it would be incredible to do most of your house shopping from your computer all on one site!
It also helps to know you're not overpaying for a home or what to price your house at if you were selling.
So hey, if you're moving to Pittsburgh, grab this (foreclosed) gem for only $23,000. :)

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