Thursday, December 1

Birthday Giveaway!

Hey, hey, it's my birthday and that means it's time for a giveaway!
This year I am excited to have a company that was willing to sponsor my birthday giveaway - Lot26 Studio.
A couple of months ago, they sent me a couple of their chalkboard decals to try. I am loving them. When you rent and don't want to put too many holes in the wall, decals are the perfect option! Or if you like the idea of having transient art that's easy to change up or just like the idea of people saying, wow, I can't believe that's a decal. =)
Lot26 Studio has lots of great options for wall art, nursery decor, or my current fave - the chalkboard decals!
I am using this scroll decal to write out my menu for the week!
 This guy is cute, isn't he?
We wrote things we're thankful for on the leaves.

This "chandelier" is only $8, marked down from $28! 
To enter:
Head over to Lot26 and then leave me a comment saying what decal you would most like to see in your home!

Open for entries until Tuesday, Dec. 6th at 8pm.

Good luck!


TwoMuths said...

there are so many cool things - I like the chalkboard stuff, but I also love the cute colorful owls and the tapestry tiles. Such reasonable prices too! Thanks for the heads up on the company, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Amy said...

I like the tree reflections...and Happy Birthday again :-)

Jessica Gardner said...

Happy Birthday - I love the polka dots! I hope you have a great day!

Suzanne said...

Wow! It's so hard to pick! I really like the family rules one, but that owl is OH SO CUTE, too. And the chalkboard ones, really? it doesn't get much cooler than that!

cranny + b said...

I could swear that I wished you a happy birthday yesterday, but it appears that I did NOT and I am SO sorry! I'll blame it on the lack of sleep;-)

happy cake and candle day!!!
i hope it was awesome;-)

I think that I like the owl the best. I've had to mount my decals to boards because of our textured walls--but I don't really mind because now I can have them forever instead of just for one use only;-) I'm especially enjoying my deer head decal--the only deer head that will ever be hanging in my home......... just sayin' ;-)

thanks for the give-away!

The Lesters said...

Wow! Their decals are amazing! It was so hard to choose but I love the botanical reflections.

Nickie said...

It's all so fun! It could just be the time of year, but I was really liking the holiday stuff. :)

Jessica Cushman said...

That's fun that you have a birthday giveaway:) I love the scroll for your weekly menu.

Katie Barker said...

Not trying to have a double entry, but it looks like my first comment didn't post.
Anyways... Happiest Birthday Wishes! I hope your day was filled with lots of wonderfulness!
I'm liking the owl chalkboard for the kitchen and wondering if I could figure out a way to put the cityscape in my office @ MIT?!