Saturday, December 10

ten months.

 My biggest news is that I am happy. oh so happy. to report that baby girl is back to sleeping through the night! We had a 3 week stretch where we had various guests staying in our guest room. So as soon as that ended, I said this is it girlie! 2 nights of crying it out and she has slept 12-13 hours since. Thank you, Jesus!
 Everything, and I do mean everything, gets popped into her mouth.
Yes, including that nasty stink bug. UGH.
Cannot wait to be past this phase! 
I can't complain because she is such a great eater! She actually uses both hands to shovel in food sometimes. She pretty much just eats whatever we're eating, which is oh so convenient.
She whines when she's ready to get down from her chair, but then she immediately pops back up to look for scraps. Crazy girl. :)
 She loves to play the piano. :)
This pretty much sums it up..........she's in to everything.
who me?
She loves her daddy!
When she started cruising, I predicted that she was going to walk by 11 we'll see what the next month brings! She loves to stand by herself, but immediately drops when she wants to get somewhere. She took a tiny 1/2 step by one of these days it will be!
Happy 10 months, Eden Hope.
You bring a sweetness to our lives that only a little girl could!
Hope you have a wonderful & beautiful 1st Christmas as we celebrate the Savior who loves you even more than we do.

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