Wednesday, December 21

when mama bear is not well

life slows dramatically. ok, maybe comes to a standstill!

I would not have chosen this particular set of days to have to cancel all plans (we were supposed to host a Momtourage playdate on Wednesday as well as have another playdate with some new friends on Thursday). But is there really ever a good time to be sick? Pretty sure it can be considered inconvenient at any time.
Tuesday morning I woke up feeling like I had been kicked in the stomach. I really don't ever remember having a sickness quite like this one. I kind think it must have been something I ate, though I can't really think of anything to pinpoint.........and we hadn't eaten out in the last few days. By the middle of the day I was feeling much better. And then a miracle happened - both my kids napped for 2 solid hours without a peep. Let me tell you that almost never happens! So I was able to nap for about 1.5 uninterrupted hours - I think it was my best nap since Eden's been born. It was divine. However about 4:00, the stomach thing came back in full-force and I was holed up on the couch with the kids crawling all over me wishing away the hour until Andrew came home. Which he did and played supermom for the rest of the evening - for which I am very grateful! Dinner for the kids, cooking his own dinner, a bath for Eden, bedtime for Graham, run to the store to get me some "sick food"  - thanks babe, I know it wasn't what you were expecting after a long day of work!
Wednesday morning Andrew was able to stay home from work until about noon which got me to the point where I felt most of the worst was behind me. So it was a day of pj's, NO housework, toys was kind of relaxing. :)
The worst part was telling Graham that we had to cancel our playdates. :( He LIVES for social interactions and just loves playing with his friends. He was so excited about our popcorn, hot chocolate, and Christmas movie with friends.
But I am thankful that most of my Christmas to-do's were done and that our company and travel plans are not until next week.  Now I am praying that no one else picks up the bug.
For now I am thankful to be feeling much better! I believe God knew I needed a day to rest (without feeling guilty!) and that it would be better for our family to clear the calendar for a couple of days. Sometimes sickness can be a blessing in disguise, so thank you, God.

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cranny + b said...

hope you feel 100% soon! I know what you mean about blessing in disguise. . . not fun to be sick, but sometimes it is nice to slow down without the guilt! ;-)