Friday, December 2

what December looks like around here...........

(to steal the title from my friend, Sarah) :)

He calls stockings - boots.
Last year Graham loved Christmas.
This year it's like on steroids.
He loves, loves, loves everything about the season.
He's also old enough to understand more of the Christmas story and celebrating the birth of baby Jesus which is fun to see as well.
And yes, he is vertical here out of excitement. :)
This is kind of a sad picture.................because we're putting together the tree instead of carrying it in. We had several discussions about it and ultimately, for at least this one year, we're going back to the artificial. (dad, you can see who won.) :)
I do believe there may have been something muttered about how difficult it was to get things done.
 I don't know why with so many helpers.  *wink, wink. :)  
I'm up to 6 on my Starbucks ornament collection!
They put out a new one every year and usually Andrew or a friend has gotten it for me. 
 And no, we are not announcing a 3rd child. :)
Part of the reason for having the little tree was so we could put it out of the reach of Eden.
And of course, she hasn't even gone near it.
Not that I'm complaining.
The candles in the fireplace................that's another story. :)
 Graham got his own little tree to decorate and put in his room.


Suzanne said...

Love the Starbucks ornaments! We have lots of those, too!

cranny + b said...

you're so funny-- it's not stealing, it's just great minds thinking alike;-)

I love that your Graham is so excited about Christmas--I think ours will be much more so after he sees a few gifts, although, I hope that he remains excited about Jesus' birthday. We're trying to talk to him each day about Jesus' birth and what that meant/means.