Monday, December 12

Christmas tidbits

Our 3rd Christmas in's hard to believe!
We love some of the traditions that we've begun to establish here and one of our favorites is taking a horse-drawn carriage ride.
It's right next to the big Christmas tree, skating rink, and gingerbread house display right downtown, so the air is very festive and very Christmas-y!
The previous 2 weekends, the temps had hit 60 degrees..........but of course this day dipped into the 20's! Brrrrrrrrrrr. The kids were great troopers as we had to wait in line almost an hour. Thankfully it is next to a building that holds a Santa display and live Christmas music, so Andrew & I took turns taking a child into the warm building and waiting. So it really wasn't too bad. It certainly helped that Graham was SO excited to go on the ride and was willing to endure about anything. Eden was starting to get to her limit just when our turn came around, thankfully!

And if you happen to stop by our house this Christmas season,
there is no telling how you will find our nativity scene arranged.
It's seems to be changed daily by a certain little boy. :)

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cranny + b said...

our boys would be good friends;-) I have a running "file" of pictures I have taken of Graeme's "animal arrangements". He has the Little People plastic animals and I am constantly finding them arranged in a little straight line all over the house. The most recent spot? Lined up in the drink dispenser of our fridge;-)

love those boys;-)
merry Christmas!