Friday, January 9

Almost there...

I feel like I've lapsed a little on here...but this week I was looking over my list of "to-do before Graham comes" and realized I might not even get it all done before he arrives!! So I've been busy, busy checking things off my list. Plus, I've been trying to get in every appt. that I can think of! So between this week and next I will have been to the eye dr., dentist, salon, and of course my ob. appts. which are now every week!!! The anticipation of Graham's arrival is just about killing me! I am sincerely hoping he comes early but to realize that we could have a baby in less than 3 weeks is extremely daunting!!

We finally received the last baby items that we needed this week and so I feel now if he does come, we are ready (in that sense!). Andrew is putting together the crib on Saturday and then I can finally post some pics of the nursery!!

This week was my final week at the church where I have worked (very part-time) for the last 3 years. They threw me a little surprise baby shower which was so kind of them. They mostly gave either cash or gift cards which was perfect for this stage!! My funniest gift from one of the maintenance guys was a pack of 80 diapers and bottle of Glade air freshener!! But, hey, I will certainly use them!!! We praise God for providing!

Things I am most looking forward to about not being pregnant...

-being able to hold my sweet boy on the outside (and give him to his daddy when I am tired of carrying him :)
-not having to pee every 30 seconds
-being able to roll over without feeling like a beached whale
-pants without elastic!
-being able to run
-sleeping on my back or stomach if I feel like it
-being able to wear my engagement ring (I got it off just in time, but have hated not being able to wear it!)
-getting back to my normal size (I hope!) and not having a big ol' belly to lug around
-not having swollen joints
-and...did I mention this...meeting our baby boy!! Come out soon, Graham!


Andy and Davina said...

We are excited for you two as you anticipate the arrival of little Graham! We'll be praying you have a healthy delivery and speedy recovery :)

skB said...

We are so thrilled for you guys and to meet Graham! I cracked up reading through your list about not being pregnant! you so crazy girl!

esp. loved the one about elastic pants:) too funny!

Tim, Kristen & Megan said...

Those are great things to look forward to not being pregnant!!! The best one is being able to hold your baby (especially the first time!) You are so close!

Katie Barker said...

Can't wait to see pictures of you holding him! You know we'll all be searching the blog and FB until you post them :)

jeileenbaylor said...

You are so close ! I am so excited for you guys! I remember well that feeling of NOT wanting to be pregnant anymore:) It sure is nice having your body (slowly but surely) back again. oh and you are just going to love holding that sweet boy! Sooo excited for you :)

party of eight said...

oh, kelly, you are so funny! i can't wait to see photos of little graham. i'll be praying for you. and i am sure you will get back to your little size... i gained 55 lbs and only 4 more left to loose!! and you look great anyways...

i remember that uncomfortable stage... but it will soon be over and your will be holding your little man!

and i love your car seat stroller combo! how fun!