Friday, January 30

Happy 27, Andrew!

Thursday was Andrew's birthday! We did somewhat already celebrate it with the concert, so it was pretty low-key, but hopefully he still had a fun day!
Chicken Alfredo pasta & broccoil for dinner - yum-o...if I do say so myself :)
Stephen can appreciate his bravo-zulu shirt. :)Since we didn't know what this week would look like, last week I decided to make an ice cream cake that I could just pull out of the freezer. I recommend it for a do-it-ahead dessert!


DWYL Tee & Vintage Church by Mark Driscoll. nice, right? :)
Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!


skB said...

Happy Birthday Andrew. What a rip-off though, I never got a BZ t-shirt with my zulu. Another benefit of working at the country club for sure!

jeileenbaylor said...

Nice you got to spend that special day with Andrew! It's like tim and I- we were able to celebrate the day before the little one came :)

skB said...

aw, happy birthday Andrew. {Please ignore Steve's jealous and angry comment. hehe!} Just kidding:)

Hope you all are well!

p.s. Kelly, I think I'll be coming over for dinner and dessert. pronto:)