Sunday, January 18

A Last Hurrah

In anticipation of having a slight life interruption...and a baby-sitter included in future date nights, we had the opportunity for one last big date.
We were actually given fReE tickets to see Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra. He tours with a 15 piece orchestra made up of some of the most talented jazz players in the world. They are phenomenal!! (For those who haven't heard of him, he is one of the most famous trumpet players ever and one who Andrew grew up listening to and playing his music.) So Andrew was especially excited about this!! Since Andrew's birthday is in less than 2 weeks, we also made it a special time for his birthday (in case that gets overlooked!)
It was such a great concert. And we thank God for answering our prayer to keep Graham from interrupting! Now, there is nothing come out soon baby boy!
Before the concert, we had the most incredible sky! Sandler Center for Performing Arts We couldn't take pictures during the concert, so this is the best we got.
After, we tried out a new spot called the Melt which had the most amazing Gelato!


Kristin said...

Sounds like a great "last" date. Praying for you!

ALICE said...

You are getting so close- isn't it so exciting?! I remember the anticipation of Emma arriving and feeling like the time would NEVER arrive. There were several pregnant girls at "oceana" at the time and it seemed as if I was the last one left standing...i just couldn't wait to get her in my arms! Of course we were just as excited to meet Elliot and will be this baby, too, but I didn't have as much time to myself to dwell on it since I had a busy little toddler to chase around and a house to organize (we had just moved a couple weeks before. I do hope your labor and delivery go very well and will be short :) but not too short that you miss arriving to the hospital in time. We'll be staying tuned to see pics hear the story! Hang in there!
I was wondering if Jimmy Dagres ended up continuing with you once you moved/ how he did while you taught him?

Michael, Nina, Emma & Elliot said...

ok that is weird. i'm not alice, i'm nina.

jeileenbaylor said...

how fun!

Tim Barker said...

Wow - what a great concert to go to! Also that is an AMAZING sunset. I really miss the Arizona sunsets.

Katie Barker said...

ok - Tim might have thought the concert was cool, but I don't think he misses an AZ sunsets. So... it was Katie :) opps/.