Saturday, January 10

the nursery!

yeahhh!! the nursery is ready for baby.
It has been quite an interesting process. I hope I won't bore you, but I have to share how God has provided in so many ways for this room!
First, to decide on a theme...I wanted something neutral that I can use for either a boy or a girl. I've always thought dots are really cute, so I decided to go with that, inspired by this bedding.
Blessing #1: the bedding.
I originally bought this (with gift cards!) 2 months ago for $85. A month ago it went on clearance to $55. Since it was still in all of its original packaging, I took it back and re-purchased it, gaining $30 back!!
Blessing #2: the dots.
Since we are renting, I couldn't do much with the walls, but I so wanted SOMETHING fun!
Every week I would get a coupon for 40% off one item at Michael's. So for several weeks in a row I purchased one sheet of poster-size art paper. I then traced different size plates I had to get the various dot sizes. I figured I better laminate them or they wouldn't last long. I took them to Fedex Kinkos where I was hoping to get a discount with Andrew's fedex connection. They gave me a price per square footage, but I didn't have any idea of how that would translate with the finished product. After laminating them and ringing me up, the lady said, "boy, you sure are lucky to get a discount, your total would have been $55"!!! I almost went in to labor right then she gave me a discount and said "your total is $18". Now I had thought she was giving me a 30% discount, and that would not have brought it down to 18, but whatever she did, God was definitely orchestrating it, and I am SO thankful!!
his "dresser"

reading/nursing/cuddling corner!
(rocking chair given to us for free!)
now which of these books can I count towards my school reading...

doing the daddy thing...
Blessing #3: the crib.
My aunt and cousins very generously bought our crib for us. However, it ended up being quite the saga to get it. My aunt had to order it mutiple times and it kept going out of stock...but finally, it arrived this week and it is beautiful! It is a 4-in-1, so it will convert to a toddler bed, daybed, and eventually a twin bed. He'll be using it for a long time!
Andrew's old Dr. Suess collection!

Blessing #4: the changing table.
We originally registered for a changing table that was a matching set to our crib ($80).
However, I found this one on clearance for $45. But here's the extra blessings - this one came with the changing pad ($20 by itself) and 3 bins ($8 each). So if you take each of those items off of the price, it's almost like we paid nothing for the changing table!!
Andrew decided the puppy needed to watch and wait for Graham to come play with him. :) we're ready for baby...
in theory...
ok, at least he's got a fun place to hang out. :)


skB said...

I love it! I LOVE IT! It looks beautiful! ! !

suzanne said...

Awe! It looks SO GOOD! I love it! Great job!

Kristin said...

I love it! Everything looks great! I can't believe we are almost there.

Katie Barker said...

Yay - glad you made a special place for all of you.

jeileenbaylor said...

Fabulous nursery Kelly! You did a really great job - i knew you would :) You have great taste! Isn't it so fun walking by the room now that is all set up? That was one of my favorite parts while we were waiting for Maddy. I can't wait to see that sweet little boy in that nursery :)

party of eight said...

it turned out really cute kelly!