Wednesday, January 21

A Unique Day

My friend Jamie and I try to walk together at least once a week. Several things ended up being providential about our walk on Tuesday! was cold (I know Northerners are scoffing right now :) and an icy wind coming off the ocean prompted us to do the "mall walk" instead of Boardwalk. need to pee every 30 seconds headed us straight to the nearest restroom where we found a long line of people lined up at Macy's. So after asking some questions we found out that because of a class-action law suit, Macy's & Dilliard's were forced to give away a certain dollar amount of products during a couple hour span. So we stood in line for a while at both stores and ended up with these products...
Estee Lauder Night Repair - $46
Lancome Cell Defense - $64
2 Lancome Mascara - $23 each
Clinique Moisture Surge - $34
Calvin Klein Shower Creme - $30
Ralph Lauren Shower Gel - $38
= $258.00 in free products!!! I'm pretty sure this is my biggest list of freebies ever!
Obviously the big story of the day was the Inauguration. I have to say, watching all the various ceremonies & events was quite inspiring. It was so exciting to see Americans excited about America and being proud of our country. President Obama is one of the most inspiring people to listen to, whether you agree with him or not! I was also so impressed with how gracious the Bush's have been throughout this whole transition. I don't know that Obama will single-handedly turn around this country, just like I don't believe the many problems in our country were created by one man (i.e. George Bush). But I do know that Christians who are predicting the end of the world, or calling him the anti-christ, or saying that America has now officially ceased to be a Christian nation need to respect the leaders that God has ordained and trust in His Sovereignty! Our fate does not rest in a Republican or Democratic government. I hope that Obama will be a great leader. I hope that America will be strong. But if the mess only continues to get worse, we still have a great God.
And I must say, I thought Michelle's gown was exquisite!

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party of eight said...

i heard about the free stuff... i just don't have enough ambition to go get it!