Thursday, January 15

new 'do

So in anticipation of not having time to get a haircut for the next...year...? I decided to go to the chopping block! Hopefully this will be out of the way of any little grabby fingers! But one main advantage of having it short is that I have a prayer of having the time to straighten it! (at least pre-baby!) I don't have the best straightener, so this is about as much as I have the patience for...but I think I like it!
Baby watch...
last Monday when I went for my ob appt. I found out I was dialated to 1!!! Now everyone who has had a baby is telling me not to get too excited...this could last for a while.'s a relief to know SOMETHING is happening and sooner or later he will eventually come out. :) The dr. asked me if I had been having contractions (braxton-hicks or other) and I said I didn't think so...then she saw I was dialated and told me I couldn't be dialated without having had contractions! So who knows...maybe I'll get through labor and think, huh...I didn't feel a thing. :~)
37 weeks...less than 3 to go...we hope!


Kristin said...

I like your new hair cut! Looks great. It is encouraging to know you are 1 cm, but like everyone is telling you don't get to excited.

suzanne said...

We just think so much alike! I am getting mine cut on Saturday!
I've been praying for our little ones to come out soon! It's fun to know someone out there is going through exactly what I am!

Tim, Kristen & Megan said... will like your hair cut as it is out of your baby's reach! It is so much fun to find out that you start dialating even if it is just to one! Also, I never felt any contractions before I went into labor so go figure. Let me know if you make it through labor without feeling any though...that would be amazing!!

Mark and Anne Brumbaugh said...

I did have 1 friend who truly didn't really have much pain at all during her labor/delivery (with no drugs). She said it was pretty crazy...but just so you is possible! congrats on 1cm:) It truly is so encouraging to hear any news of progress when you are in the last few weeks!

jeileenbaylor said...

you are getting so close and you look so great! Enjoy these last few days :0)