Monday, January 26

ready to meet our baby boy

Today is the day! We are headed to the hospital for a 10 am induction. This was not "our plan", but rest in God's sovereighty in the situation. We rest in God's care for us & Graham today and just pray that the end of the day brings us a healthy baby boy.
Andrew showed me this poem that he wrote for Graham yesterday and gave me his OK to post it. It is beautiful to my heart and I think most accurately sums up our feelings for today.

See you on the other side. :)

"Dear Graham"
Graham, your birth is drawing near
And, to mom these last days feel like a year.
Each day is one of anticipation
Just waiting for those 3 minute contractions.
Mom can't wait because you're getting
So big and starting to stretch, punching
Her right in the stomach. But we
Both can't wait because we get to "see"
The little boy we have known for
Nine months now. It's almost like you're
A distant friend that we've never met
And now for the first time we get
To meet face to face. We can't wait
To touch and hold you on that date
You are born. But Graham, I have one
Request for you -this is father to son -
Please don't do anything real crazy
Because I can get pretty queezy
In the hospital. But I won't be mad
If you disobey-but you don't want your Dad
On the floor, "passed out,"
The minute that you're "coming out."
Graham, you have now changed our lives;
I hope our love and care for you will do likewise.
But most of all, Graham, just love
The God who created and sent you from above,
For we will fail you, and you
Will fail yourself. But one thing is true:
Your God will never fail you - so love Him with all your heart.


skB said...

Steve read this to me out loud this morning--I thought it was so great! I told Andrew that we were praying for you--and then when I got off of the phone, I thought, I probably should have said "we're praying for all 3 of you!" We are! :)

We love you all and are excited to see Mr. Graham!

katie said...

i LOVE it. i think that is the sweetest poem i've ever heard =}