Thursday, January 1

Reflected Blessings

Another year behind us...we're one year older, maybe (hopefully!) one year wiser, and completely thankful as we think about 2008. I try to write down blessings that we experience throughout the year as it's so good to read back through those and see how good God has been to us.
Here are some of our blessings of 2008...

~ Opportunity to take our first week-long vacation for just the 2 of us ~

we chose NYC! it was fabulous, we were also given free Broadway tix!
~ Andrew was given a free ipod nano ~
~ Given the opportunity to rent an incredible home a block from the beach ~
~ found out that Graham Owen Hughes would be joining our family in 2009!!!! ~
~ our cars have given us relatively few problems compared to years past :) ~
~ Andrew started his final year of seminary! ~
~ our pantry & fridge were completely stocked with groceries unexpectedly ~
~ God provided new piano students for Kelly in their new neighborhood ~
~ Graham moved off of Kelly's sciatic nerve after an agonizing week ~
~ God has provided so many baby items for Graham ~
(this will have to be another post in itself!)

And just some very "small" things...these are the flowers Andrew gave me 2 weeks ago...going strong!! I've never had cut flowers last this good this long! flowers courtesy of a rejected shipment at Fedex on Christmas Eve. Beautiful lillies.

We don't know what 2009 could bring. It could be the loss of a loved one, or financial devastation, or a national tragedy, but we rest in the Sovereignty that God holds all these things in His hands and we must continue to rejoice in whatever season God brings.

There are so many more I could list...good deals we have found, things we have been given, God providing for specific needs over and over... one example - our Christmas bonuses from our jobs, though not huge, were enough to cover the Christmas gifts we wanted to buy for our families and friends. This was such a blessing since we are closely watching every dollar as I stop working outside of the home. We are blessed beyond measure. And those intangible things - spending time with family and friends, spending time together, preparing for our family becoming 3...these are the things that make life so full!

Blessings to you in 2009!

Thank you to our Savior. Great is Your Faithfulness!!

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