Monday, January 26

A Change of Plans

Well, it turns out we probably will not be meeting our baby boy today. It feels like a long story...I'll try to make it the condensed version. (ok, after writing this, that didn't happen :)
When I went in for my appt. last thursday, the Dr. told me I was dialated 3 cm, she was extremely surprised that I wasn't already in labor, and she felt it was time for me to have this baby. She listed a couple of reasons and then told me to really just trust her that this was the right decision. Since we had talked about inducing before and she had told me that she did not induce until 42 weeks, I felt I needed to trust her if she suddenly had a change of mind. That being said, we really wrestled with this decision all weekend. I really want to go in to labor naturally and was especially concerned about inducing early when there didn't seem to be a really good specific medical reason. the end, we decided to go ahead, trusting that for whatever reason, God was in this. All of our plans were set, the house was ready, our moms had arranged their schedules to be with us....
(and FYI, we still love our dr. and believe & trust in her. This is not meant to be against her at all. She told us what she thought was best.)
So we get to the hospital and get hooked up to fetal monitor, blood pressure, etc...and the nurse starts asking the routine questions. First she asked, "so what's your birthing plan"? I jokingly replied, "well, it wasn't to be induced"! So apparently that sent off a red flag in her mind and she really started talking with us about this decision. We told her we were there because our Dr. felt it was best. She said after reviewing all my history, she didn't see a reason for this early induction. She then left and talked with our Dr. on the phone, who said, "oh, well, if they don't want to be induced, that's no problem"! what????? agggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
So then we were really in a dilemma. We just didn't know what to do. The nurse (that obviously God had a reason that she was our nurse!) spent a lot of time talking with us about this. She really didn't want us to do something that we were not 100% comfortable with. She then left us to talk about it and I think we really took almost an hour to decide! But in the end, we decided to go ahead and wait. #1 reason, once they start the inducing, there is no guarantee that it works in a couple of hours or 24 hours. Since there was really no rush, we decided it would be best to wait and see if Graham will come on his own. I definitely have slight contractions and am almost dialated to 4 cm, so the dr. & nurse keeping saying this birth is imminent. Now if I end up being induced 2 weeks from now, I will really be bummed. :) But, as hard as it was to leave that hospital still pregnant, I really feel at peace that this was the right decision. We have plenty of time still, and though we are dying of anticipation, we just pray that this will happen on its own.
Now I am a little bit of an emotional wreck today, so as well-meaning as everyone is (and I really mean how much I appreciate the thoughts & prayers), I would like to request that everyone refrain from making comments on this note or sending emails if possible. I know you guys are all out there thinking of us & praying for us.
The best news is that Graham has a glowing medical report & the nurse feels confident he is a healthy little boy. We haven't lost him, there is nothing really "bad" that happened, we just have to wait a little longer to meet him, but trust that God will bring him in His time!
Now, bring on those contractions, PLEASE!! :)

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