Thursday, July 26

Florida Vacation

I am back from my trip! I went with 3 friends, Cara, Dana & Jen. Cara's uncle has a house on the beach that we were able to stay at for free!! It was in Nokomis, FL, which is by Sarasota on the Gulf of Mexico. The water was warm and clear and great for swimming. It was a wonderful 5 days of lounging on the beach! Though it was the rainy season and so we only got about 2 good hours of sunshine each day, but we had a lot of fun!

Jen, Cara, Kelly, Dana

our house
on the pier

storm rolls in
(the water was sooooo clear and beautiful!)
our last night (notice how we got darker!)
on the beach

Thursday, July 19

A girls trip...

I (Kelly) am headed to the white beaches of Florida for 5 days with my girlfriends! I am so excited to sit and do nothing! However, it is always hard to be away from Andrew. Thank you so much for letting me go babe! I will put up some pics of my trip when I get back. Until then...

Wednesday, July 18

A Day at the Beach

Last Saturday we headed down the The Outer Banks for the day. We prefer going there instead of Va Beach because it is much more quiet and secluded. We went to the Roanoke Sound and there were only about 10 families on the whole beach! The water was so warm and you could walk out about a half mile! The day before we found out Andrew's parents were going to OBX for the weekend! so we got to meet up with them and have dinner. A fun date day!

A Fun Change!

We don't get to do many projects to our house, but I couldn't stand the all white walls any longer! We do have to paint back when we leave, so we decided just to go for an accent wall, but what a difference it made! We also got some great colorful curtains that help make a difference on the other wall. I was a little afraid of what I was doing painting a wall ORANGE (excuse me - dusted carrot), but I love how it turned out. And I am so thankful for some color!!


Wednesday, July 11

Remembering back 2 years ago... What a great and special day that was!
And it has been a wonderful 2 years of learning and growing together.

Monday, July 9

We recently celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary and were able to get away for the weekend and took a trip to Alexandria (Olde Town) and DC. Those are some of our favorite spots and we love to go there! We had a great time being away,being together, and focusing on our marriage and goals for this coming year.

beautiful streets
fun paddle-boating!