Tuesday, July 29

Preggers Update

For those of you wondering how my pregnancy is going...here's the latest:

I am now in week 13, but as I entered week 12, I started to feel so much better! How thankful I was for that, because that was the week of our move and I did not have a choice to pack, move, & clean! So God was very good to me, especially that week. So overall, I am feeling pretty good each day! On Saturday, Andrew & I walked over 2 miles and I didn't feel like dying! that was a big milestone.

Now this past Monday I had one of the worst days I have had in a while! So I guess it shows it can still come back and bite ya! Mondays have been the hardest days for me, I guess I am partying too hard on the weekends and it catches up to me. :) On Sunday afternoon we had to go finish deep-cleaning our apt. I was literally on my hands & knees for a couple of hours cleaning, so that might have pushed me over the edge.

One other thing that has surprised me during pregnancy is my messed-up sleep patterns. I frequently find myself awake from 1-3 am or 4-6 am. Now I have heard that this is God's way of preparing for you for being up at all hours with an infant - and I think that is great - I just did not expect it to start in month TWO of my pregnancy! So that's kind of a bummer that I am not getting good sleep most nights, but hey - I guess I'm ready for anything!
All in all, I am starting to feel much better and am hopefully passed most of the yuckiness of the first tri and I am so thankful for that!
So, there's really not much to show here - but here is the little belly I have started!
Here's my 1st prediction - that it's a girl - because I am just kind of getting - splat - all around my midde and not the nice neat little bubble-shape that boys seem to bring. But we have to wait until September to find out - I CAN"T wait!!

Wednesday, July 23


We made it through the big weekend! We are so thankful to be in our new rented home - it is such a blessing. We are loving all the space! I know our families are anxiously waiting for pictures, but you'll have to wait a little longer. Our home internet won't be connected until August 1st - if you're wondering, that's why we've been out of touch with the world!
For now, here are a couple of pics from the move.
Our friends were such a great help and did such an amazing job - we cannot thank you enough!!
The truck at half full point - did I mention it was at least 100 degrees?? it was so hot!
here is our Chesapeake group that loaded the truck - yep, it's full!
Thanks jordan & sue, seth & bethany, matt & amanda, stephen, & izaak!
our Virginia Beach group with the EMPTY truck!
amazing job - ian, wes, john, frank, stephen, & ed! unloaded in 1 hour 15 minutes flat!

Everyone worked tirelessly in the sweltering heat and we rewarded them with popsicles - aren't we awesome? :)

Saturday, July 12


The big move day is next saturday, July 19th. We are busy packing and the house looks like a tornado went through - I guess that's a good thing! We will be so happy to have this moving process over!

Now I need to get back to it before Andrew realizes I'm not packing. :)

Saturday, July 5

Happy 4th of July

We had a really great 4th! We went to a cook-out hosted by some friends in our church and had a great time - thanks Ian & Joelle! The bbq ribs were amazing!!! In the evening we headed to the beachfront (our soon-to-be very own beachfront :) and watched the fireworks. I've never watched fireworks at the beach and the waves were quite amazing background music!

some intense discussion going on?

BLONGO ball - never heard of it, but the guys seemed to enjoy it!

the 2 prego mamas were pitted against the others. and yes, we DID win, didn't we Carm? :)

not bad for preggers, right?
some very good eatseveryone looks so patriotic!
at the beach - the kids wore glowsticks so their parents could easily track them. brilliant, right?!
in the middle - our hosts Ian & Joelle, along with our friends Wes & Katie.
such a fun day - thanks guys!
the Joyce's. this is the family whose home we will be renting this next year. We are excited to move, but we are going to miss them so much and are so sad to see them leave.
We are proud to be Americans! Happy Independence Day!

Thursday, July 3

baby hughes - first look

We finally got our first look at baby hughes this week. It was sooooooo exciting to see the little one and made it feel just slightly more real! the doctor said everything looked perfect!
Baby is currently the size of an olive. :)