Tuesday, October 30

A change of plans...

My plans this past weekend included attending a music workshop, a Costume recital with my students, and various church-related activites on Sunday. But, God had something different in mind call STREP THROAT! So I missed out on some things that I wanted to be at this weekend, but as I look back, I am thankful for a lot of things that happened.
#1) I got to stay in the house for 2 full days and do nothing but rest. that's bliss for me!
#2) I was only out of commision on Saturday & Sunday, so I did not have to miss any work.
#3) I had the best nurse! Andrew made me grilled cheese and tomato soup and on Sunday surprised me with a caramel apple cider from Starbucks!
So I am all healed now and ready for the rest of the week. Full speed ahead!

Tuesday, October 23

Some good news...

Some of you know that about a week after we purchased our new car, some serious problems showed up. I have now dubbed it our "demon-child"! It has been quite a battle with it and especially for Andrew who abosolutely has no time for car battles (which is the reason we go it in the first place, ironic :). But here is the good news, though it ended up needing several major things replaced, it never left us stranded on the road side. Also, as of Saturday, Andrew replaced the last part (catalytic converter) and the check engine light is finally off! Also, though we ended up putting a lot of money into it, we saved over a $1000 because of all the work Andrew did himself! So we are thankful for these blessings!

Our computer (our 2nd demon-child) decided to completely erase almost all of Andrew's 9 page paper the day before it was due. He had been saving it regularly and everything, but our computer has a mind of its own apparently and we could not recover it. His professor decided not to extend him grace at this time, so, it was a long night, without much sleep, but we praise God that he got it redone in time.

Here are a couple of new fun things. I love word art and have found this newest arrangement at...The Dollar Tree! Yes, I got the whole thing for $1.

These were my favorite flower when I went to Hawaii one summer. You never see them here and they are expensive to get. We were at the Williamsburg outlets and I found these and I was excited to find these unique flowers!

Monday, October 1

A visit from Grandma & Grandpa

My grandparents from MN came for a visit this past weekend and we were so excited to be able to spend some time with them! We had a great time including going to the annual sand-sculpting contest in Va Beach and taking a boat tour through the harbor. They are "RVing" their way up the East Coast and we hope they have a great rest of their trip.

These are not your average bucket & a shovel castles!

dinner on the Pier

Kelly & Grandma

boat tour through the Norfolk Harbor