Tuesday, March 26

A bittersweet goodbye

This is my friend, Sarah. Anyone that knows her will tell you she is sweetest person you will ever meet. If you ask her about her summer plans, she won't tell about a planned trip to the beach or going to see family. Instead you might hear of the life-changing event of their family as they prepare to go across the world to a place so opposite of the United States that it's hard to comprehend. This week people are tramping in & out of their house as most of their earthly belongings are given away or sold for a meager price. They are currently figuring out how to fit everything they own for a family of five into 10 suitcases. 10. This includes books, toys, clothes, homeschool material, shoes, technology.....can you imagine, at this moment, pairing your life down to 10 suitcases? And they do it with joy, love, & no regrets. We will miss their family so much. But we are filled with joy with them as this time that they have been preparing for so long, has finally arrived.
It was such a sweet time as a few friends gathered to share our love with Sarah and pray over every aspect of their upcoming journey.
Our kids love their kids and it's hard for them to say goodbye as well. We were grateful to share in one last birthday party - and what fun the laser bowling was! It was Eden's first time bowling and she got a spare on her first turn. :) Those little ramps are so genius.
 For Valentine's Day, Andrew's gift to me was a "day away". I hadn't had a chance yet to take the time away, but it ended up that Sarah and Stacy (our pastor's wife) & I were able to plan some time away together. We got pedicures, had lunch, and shopped till we dropped at the Outlets. I was so thankful to share my day out with these 2 friends! Followed by a baby shower in the evening, I was gone from 9:30am-11pm! Andrew reminded me when I got home that my coupon was for 9-5. Oops. :) Thankful for his good care of the kiddos, even though sleep schedules were interesting that day. a-hem.
While mommy's away....the kiddos play........ 
I really don't recall french frys & hot dogs being in the agenda.
We got 6 inches of snow on March 25th. Anyone jealous??? Anyone???
spring will come....spring will come.....
And that's my 3 crazies.