Tuesday, June 29

the getaway

We indeed had an amazing trip for our 5th anniversary. We are lucky enough to be within 4 hours of Niagara Falls, so we figured that should be the place to go! We spent all of our time on the Canadian side (our hotel was there too) and we're really glad we did, it was amazing! We were most surprised at how beautiful the entire area was and how many things there were to do!
It was our first time leaving Graham for more than a few hours, and that part was definitely hard. We missed him a lot and everything kept reminding us of him (I can't believe how programmed I am to point out buses & birds right now! Andrew didn't care so much. :) But, we knew he was in great hands and we also knew it was SO good for us to get away by ourselves as well! I am sure you other moms can relate how hard it is to leave a piece of you when you go away!
We have so many pics, I am not sure where to start! But I do believe the falls probably deserve their own post because they were so magnificant!
First glimpse.....

Horseshoe Falls (Canadian side)....the clouds - wow!
American Falls.....

Yes, we did the Maid of the Mist!34 million gallons per minute go over these Falls and they are diverted 50% during the day & 75% during the night. Unbelievable!
saw several beautiful rainbows!
view from the very high Skylon Tower!
(all photo credits to Andrew!)
I'll share more of what we did soon........................

Sunday, June 27

the grandmas come..........

We were so excited to have my mom & grandma come for this week! They spoiled us rotten! My 2 favorites - getting to take a shower whenever I wanted and my grandma did every single dish in sight all week - bless her!!! Plus, my mom did several sewing projects that my very craft-challenged self did not want to take on. Thanks mom!
We hit the Strip District for Peace, Love, & Little Donuts, The Pittsburgh Popcorn Co. & Bella Norte Pizza (a very yummy + 5 lbs. added day!) Used a free 4 pass to the Children's Museum, walked on the North Shore, PF Changs, toured Hartwood Acres and saw the sights from the top! Part of our huge blessing was that they came to watch graham for 2.5 days while Andrew & I got a special anniversary getaway (more on that later!). So while we were gone Graham was treated to the National Aviary, the Zoo, the Farmers Market & Chinese (which he apparently loves!) I think he was too busy to miss us! We had such a fun week and were so glad they were able to come!

modeling his new hat that grandma made for him
ok, I draw the line at letting him drive, Grandma! :)
We will miss you, thanks for a wonderful week!!

Monday, June 21

Dance like a white baby............

Bummer that this is sideways. :(

This was Graham's first baseball game and clapping when everyone was cheering & dancing when the music came on were his 2 favorite things. And sometimes he got to do both at once. :)

Sunday, June 20

Thursday, June 17

Our Vow...........

I vow to take you to be my spouse,
to have and to hold from this day forward.
I vow to be your best friend for life, for better
or for worse, for richer, or for poorer, in sickness
and in health. I vow to treasure your thoughts,
feelings, and desires as more important than
my own. I give myself to you completely,
but first, to God, as He is my sole purpose and
passion for living. I promise to love and cherish
you until we are parted by death ~
This is my vow for life.

Blessed by the gift of marriage and by the one who calls me wife.

A Very Happy FIVE!

Monday, June 14

These Summer Days...........

I am loving the fact that Pittsburgh has SO many things to do! We can't even possibly attend all the festivals/events/promos we hear about!
 But here are just a few that we managed to take in this past week, such as Riverview festival & parade, our newest spray park (which Graham loved!), and enjoying the Zoo with our Momtourage!

And a whole passel of new pics are on facebook! 

Saturday, June 12

Fun Friday....................

Somewhere along the way, Andrew & I started referring to fridays as "Fun Friday". (geeky, right?!)There is just something FUN about friday nights. For a long time, Andrew would work until 8:30 or 9 and so our "fun" mainly consisted of staying up late watching TV and eating ice cream. :) Now we are blessed to occasionally actually leave the house on a friday night! (We were also lucky enough to hang out with our friends, James & Amy, but sadly I don't have a pic to "verify their alibi" as they pointed out.) :-)

the wagon worked great, everyone loves making comments on it! Graham enjoyed saying "hi" & "bye" to people all night long. :)

Yep, fun indeed!

Wednesday, June 9

Just a little fun.............

with the "continuous snapping" button..............
I'll let you decide who's the craziest. :)