Tuesday, January 31

a comfy little rosebud

I get a lot of magazines and rarely have time to page through them. This day I did happen to pick up the LL Bean catalog to briefly browse. And there I found a $10 coupon + free shipping!
So as soon as I had the chance I popped over to my computer to see if there were any good clearance finds. I happened upon these cuties (I'd been without slippers for a year now).
After my coupon, I only had to pay $2.99. I call that a bargain.

Saturday, January 28

*Look who's Thir-tay*

A very happy birthday to the man of our house -
the big 3-0!
I think one word sums up a lot of this past year - dad.
It consumes most of our life right now!
And let me say what a good dad he is.
His kids adore him and he is never one to avoid potty-training, diaper changes, changing the trash, cleaning and a hundred other things.
This year we added a child, moved, changed churches, his job changed locations..............
it was quite a year!
Here are some of my fave snapshots of the past year of him:
welcome babygirl.
Graham's first bowling experience. He randomly did the worm, no idea where that came from!
 I love our family walks, we do a lot of them!
 This was one of A's favorite moments, because G never falls asleep on us anymore.
He was having a very sick day. :(

these 2 photos: onewaystreetproduction 
 Through my Momtourage connections, we got to enjoy a lot of fun experiences this year.
This one was date night: Cirque du Soleil
 running his first 5k
in Minneapolis, which will always be a special city for us.
(We got engaged & married there.) 

Baseball has become a big part of our life this year, thanks to a little boy's slight obsession.
We both love going to the games with G! 
They love doing the Home Depot workshops together each month 
 Riding the Gateway Clipper paddle ship
vacay in OBX, North Carolina
also a place we love! 
4th of July, where Graham decided to become slightly terrorized by fireworks....which still continues! 
My sister was taking these and the idea was to get both kids in the background, but they kept moving out of the shot!  
 We are so thankful for now having a backyard and spent a lot of time there.
We can't wait for the warmer temps to come back!
Apparently they also spend a lot of time jumping. :) 
Boys weekend!
 This girl lights up when daddy comes home each day!
more baseball!
Happy 30th birthday, dear hubs.
Thanks for working so hard for us, for making our family time special and for all the help you give me.
Thanks for serving others continually, sometimes you rarely get to stop.
I am excited about what this next year holds for us.
(let's try to make it a little more uneventful.)  =)

Thursday, January 26

while mom's away, the kids play!

Eden & I had a great trip to see my family. E did awesome on the airplanes, praise God.
After one flight, someone in front of us stood up & said, I didn't even know there was a baby on this flight!
That is what I like to hear!
I have found with a small child that my favorite spot to sit is in the very last row, on the aisle. It's loudest back there, you bother the least amount of people, and you can easily stand in the galley & rock them if needed.
Thankfully, when people see a baby they avoid sitting by you at.all.costs. :)
So we had an empty middle seat for all 4 of our flights! I will say it's exhausting though! Keeping little one entertained when her attention span is appr. 30 seconds makes for a lot of juggling. And unfotunately, she was not interested in sleeping! My arms were so sore after holding her for about 4 hours straight!
But all in all, I couldn't be more thankful for smooth travel.
In the airport in Minne
It was fun to spend the weekend with just my girl! 
I am so thankful to Andrew for allowing me to go!
 It was his first weekend by himself with Graham, and he was a great superdad!
Also, very thankful that his job allows him to work from home when needed, so we only needed to impose on our neighbor for one morning of childcare.
We had a great snow, so they were thrilled to spend some sled time!
Andrew's makeshift firepit (also doubles as a grill). :)  
 Sledding with his friend Avalon!
 Fun Fore All is a fun family center with tons to do.
This is a 4-story sets of tunnels & mazes with big guns that shoot nerf balls.
Basically a boy's dream. :) 
 Must be nap time. :)
 Popcorn & movie night
"mall park" as we call them
hanging out at IKEA, what? you went there without me?! 
And Andrew admitted....he snapped this picture because G DID wear this sweatshirt for 3 straight days. :)
So all in all, they had a FUN boys weekend!
Graham did have a couple of nights where he was having a hard time with missing me.
I talked to him on the phone one day and he asked me when I was going to come back to earth.
Apparently he had this vision that we were circling in an airplane all weekend.
He asked Andrew if they should bring rope to the airport to help us get down from the plane.
I can see how that would make sense in his little head. :)
And the moment of being reunited......................
oh my.
it was seriously a chariots of fire moment.
How we wished we had it on video.
He spotted me a ways down in the airport. He had a bouquet of flowers in one hand and was running as fast as he could, weaving in & out of people, shouting mom, mom, with the hugest smile on his face. He leaped into my arms & gave me the hugest bear hug ever.
That child knows how to be a welcome committee!
 Probably will be one of my sweetest memories.
I've never had so many hugs & I love you's the rest of the night!
So it's very good to be home.

Monday, January 16

From Super Grover to the flu + more

Through the Momtourage, we were able to see Sesame Street Live last week.
Let's just say there were a LOT of celebrity-crazed toddlers there. :)
Graham loved it.
Planning, planning............

Graham loves red.
His latest red craze is to color a picture solid red.
He thinks it's the greatest thing!
He was describing to me each part that he was coloring, then he said he was coloring the underwear red....I thought huh???? Well, yep, I guess that is like underwear. :)
I did not do a lot of holiday baking.
Kudos to those with 10 children that still manage to turn out 30 dozen cookies during the holidays.
Anyone??? ok, maybe not. :)
But I did find these 2 tasty and EASY treats that were big hits to several gatherings that we attended.
A peanutbutter ball, sandwiched between 2 pretzels, dipped in chocolate.
Yes, I'll take 1.........or 5. =)
These were also very popular, much more tasty that I was envisioning. If you like the mint/chocolate combo, these are the best. Marshmallows dipped in chocolate, sprinked with crushed candy cane. Loved them.  
Where was I at 6am this morning?
That would be the grocery store picking up some items to help settle a very sick hubby's stomach. He (we) were up half the night. It was not good.
Praying he feels better soon.
Especially since Eden & I are leaving on a jet place on Wednesday, heading to see my family! Our flight leaves at 5:30 pm, we have a  4 hour plane ride, followed by a 4 hour car ride. You do the math...it will be one late night!! Appreciate much prayers, especially for a certain little girl on a loooooooong flight. Oh boy, I hope we have friendly fellow travelers!
Speaking of little girl, she is a climb-er. Let the fun begin!