Sunday, November 27

Thanksgiving fun

We had a great Thanksgiving................full of fun, food, & family!
(It took a long time for all these pics to load, so they aren't really in order of events.)
There are few women in their 80's that would do a 14 hour car ride overnight and then be up for anything the next day. Besides walking extra miles during the kids nap times *just for fun*.
We were thrilled that my grandma was able to come visit!
One of the cutest Gingerbread houses we saw, "UP".
We were so thankful for such great weather! It was upper 50's and sunshine most of the time. We even ate dinner outside at a restaurant that was super crowded.....and didn't even freeze!

{Many of these picture credits go to my sister, Katie!}
riding the incline, which is like a little boxcar, up the side of the mountain.

This wasn't what Katie was going for, but I like the effect. =)

Trader Joe's sparkling juices were so yummy!
and everything turned out for dinner!

under the computer, with mommy's phone......
who me?

we ran into Santa at the ATM!
Graham wouldn't go near Santa, instead he wanted a picture with this guy.
I think it's a cigar store. :) 
baseball time.

Our Macy's Christmas parade

local favorite coffee shop. choose your poison....they have it all.
My parents decided they no longer needed to keep the piano that only got played twice a year. :)
I was super happy to bring it home!
And even more happy when I found out my friend Keara was in need of a piano.
So very thankful that our old piano went to a great home where it will be well-used and cared-for.
boys day out.
the text I received was "does Graham really need a nap and is it a problem to load him with soda & french fries"


 many thanks to my sister for many great pics!
Lots of fun memories!

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Graham would love one of these zippy cars with the
ingenius handle design. :)
the perfect gift for grandma & grandpa
this should keep a toddler occupied for a bit! 
Little Miss Sunshine or Chatterbox or Giggles or Trouble.......
take your pick, only $3.99 each!

perfect for little hands
and what? no piles of peeled paper left behind? :)

 Soft, crumble-free clay is all natural and washable. Colored with turmeric, carmine and spinach, and scented with strawberry, lemon and lime.
  • Contains soy and wheat
  • Made of flour, water, salt, soybean oil, cream of tartar, natural glycerin, natural scent extracts, natural colors (turmeric, carmine and spinach) and calcium propionate
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teaching time

only $3.95! 
also only $3.95 for this shapes & shadows flashlight fun! 
it's just too cute.  
I do have a softness in my heart for textiles.....these next ones take the cake!

Nod chairs, perfect reading nooks.  
mister 'stache could not be more handsome.  
awesome neutral baby bedding.
lovin' the rosettes.  

they call these "judy garlands". nice. :)

So there you have some of my faves.
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