Other Faves

This list might be somewhat random! But this is currently things that I love in my day-2-day:

[in the 'burgh]
My source for all deals & happenings in Pittsburgh!
Adrian's Pizza
A little pizza shop tucked in our neighborhood. The best pizza!!! (We spend our eat-out money there way too often!!)
Pgh Momtourage
My mom's group with whom I enjoy regular playdates all around our city!
Pittsburgh Popcorn
YUMMY popcorn!! Made by Hand, Popped with Love. (They ship!)
Some of my favorite flavors are Chocolate Caramel, Zesty Ranch, and Garlic Parmesan.

[stretching a buck]
Want to cut down on your spending and add up on your saving? This is the place to start!

Seventh Generation Cleaning Products
With having a little one at home now, I have made the switch to only using non-toxic cleaners. This company has so many great options and so far they have been putting out great coupons and I have been able to get them for under $1!
Bath & Body Works Hand Soaps
The Classics!
Cool Citrus Basil & White Tea/Ginger are 2 of my favorite flavors. :)

[kid stuff]
Baby Einstein Alpha Books
These are Graham's favorite! He will sit & look book-by-book every single day and never gets tired of them!
Leap Frog
I love all things Leap Frog! They have so many creative toys, books, games, & dvds that all teach in great ways! This DVD (Letter Factory) is really great for teaching the alphabet!

How much do I love the beautiful and sometimes random things you find here?!