Friday, November 30

Gettin' crafty {a rare sighting}

In the spirit of all things red & pepperminty, I decided to try this little beauty I saw pass by on Pinterest. Yep, I've now officially used a glue gun for the 2nd time in my life. And only suffered very minor burns. :) Graham was very helpful in unwrapping all the peppermints and we mostly just tried to keep Eden from eating up our supplies.
If peppermint soothes an upset stomach as they say, both kiddos should be set for a while. (wink.)
If was surprisingly easy. And if I'm saying that, you know it was. :) Peppermints & red hots came from the Dollar Store, so in all this little project was under $10.
Go here to see the original (just no comparing now!)

Monday, November 19

a boy and his hero

I'm sure it's probably cliche' to say every little boy's hero is their daddy. But we have certainly seen the hero worship kick into high gear recently. Every day last week, Graham wanted to dress like daddy. His outfit of choice was: a t-shirt with a button-down shirt over it, jeans, and casual dress shoes. Sometimes he'd add a scarf draped around his neck and if he was pretending to be dad leaving for work, he'd add some head gear.
Pretty good mimic, I'd say. :)
Last night at the table G says, Dad, I just love copying you.
Before bed, Andrew says to him, Love you bro-dog.
Graham says, Love you bro-cat.
Occasionally we'd ask him what he wanted to be when he grew up just to see if he said anything funny. Up to this point he has insisted he wants to be nothing but a little boy so he can play with his toys. I hope he stays in that moment!
But recently, he has determined exactly what he wants to be: a daddy.
I hope and pray he grows up to be the man & daddy that his daddy is to him.

Thursday, November 15

Aunt Katie's visit

Always so, so happy to have my sweet sister here! We had a really sad week for weather due to Sandy, it rained every day. And she specifically came during Halloween week and both our Momtourage event & other Halloween events were all post-poned till after she left. So that was sad, but we were so thankful to be warm, safe & dry when many were facing the devastation of the storm. So we can only give thanks.
Katie basically follows us around with a camera, so this is more like a sneak peak into our days. :)
know anything about that pile of dishes left behind you on the floor?
who, me?

apparently it was a red & yellow kind of day.
Eden gives the best hugs & snuggles

 This is how our baking happens. Graham is helping roll out pizza crust and Eden is eating something out of the bowl. :)
 she loves to jump!

ready for bed after bathtime


 using nurse Katie's fun equipment
 getting my ears checked. Thankfully, I was deemed healthy.

 still in training, obviously. :)
Any moms ever get to eat their full snack?
The vultures sweep in! I think I salvaged about 3 of my own apple slices.
 watching his first 3D movie from the library. Which was 13 minutes long.
Who makes a 13 minute movie?!

 I happened to be doing a promo for the circus the week she was here, so yay! Free circus tickets!
 Thankfully they are still good with eating an apple & banana for snack when the snow cones & cotton candy are passing by. I'm sure my days are numbered. :)

 The sweetest shot.
She & Graham were having a tea party and she stopped to pray over it.
Earnestly. :)
 Graham got this snack for him & daddy - milk in the mug and cheeries in the bowls. :)

  Graham helping in a demo at The Science Center.
 Graham participating....Eden staring awkwardly.

We miss you, Aunt Katie!

Monday, November 12

the fam in photos

Our favorite photographer was recently in town and graciously took some family pics. If you're in the Minneapolis area, check out Katie O'Neil Photography!
I had the perfect location mapped out, you know the one that was perfect for the 70 weather we had right up until she arrived. :( It was rainy & cold the whole week she was here, so the last night we finally decided to head somewhere indoors. We actually ended up at our church, not sure if that would be a good location or not......but it stopped raining and was bearable for us to be outside for a short time!
Who doesn't love a red door-ed church?


 sweetness at its best.
The crazies begin to hit!
 my handsome hubs.
 sweet girl.
 at her finest - she's roaring. Wonder who she learned that from?

 Keepin' the love amidst the chaos. :)